Attempted to feed Gabriel broccoli over the weekend.  It didn’t go so well.


Perhaps he wasn’t in the mood.. or Mya’s penetrating gaze freaked him out.. or he just doesn’t like the green trees.

For our sake, I hope it’s not the latter.

Try, try again..


..Ballanisms, May Long..

Well, May long weekend has come and gone and for once it was gorgeous outside!!  Such nice weather!  May long is notorious for rain and (sometimes) snowy weather, so this was quite the treat!  I was lucky enough to spend quite a good portion of the weekend outside as a result.  Saturday was spent at Lions Park celebrating Mother’s Day with my family and Jordan’s parents (a late Mother’s Day as my sister just got back into town) and then Sunday on a patio on Whyte with some girlfriends.  Perfect!  Add in a little (ok, a lot) of packing and spending time with Fia and the weekend just flew by.

Now this post has a little spin on it, as I didn’t just jot down the funny things Sofia said over the three days, but my sisters as well.  If you’re reading this…whoops.  If only you could pick your family, eh!

..Ballanisms, May Long..

..Ballanisms, May Long..

Signs that Vicki’s becoming a rigger…

Ooooo, that’s a nice truck, eh?!

..Ballanisms, May Long..

..Ballanisms, May Long..

Jacquie in writing…

I’m shy and quiet until you get to know me.  Then I’m loud.  That’s what my horoscope said.

..Ballanisms, May Long..

..Ballanisms, May Long..

Kathy, you’re burning…

I can feel it.  Next week I’m going to be as red as a potato.

You mean tomato.

..Ballanisms, May Long..

..Ballanisms, May Long..

Mom’s dirty feet…

I little bit like them.  There’s a bit of dirt on them.

..Ballanisms, May Long..

..Ballanisms, May Long..


How the bugs get inside?  We open the doors for them?  I don’t want them inside.


How am I going to walk over ‘dere?  There’s bugs and they’re inbisible.

And more bugs…

I like it better when it’s snowing, all the bugs go away.


This weather is so bad.  There’s so many bugs.

I’ll still take it over snow any day!!

..Ballanisms, May Long..

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Hope everyone is safe, happy, and mosquito free 🙂

..Sofiaisms, the sickness prevails..

The last few Sofia posts (here and here) we were battling crazy colds that wouldn’t take a hike.  It seems the colds have decided to leave and a virus take over instead.  You know, because one sickness just wasn’t enough for us.  The only difference this time around is that the weather has taken a nice turn.  I mean, real nice.  July nice.

..Sofiaisms, the sickness prevails..

Yes, we have our air conditioning set up in our room already.  It’s glorious!  Of course this wonderfully warm day was the worst for Sofia.  The fever started late Saturday night and continued until early Monday morning, ranging in the 39-40 degree ranges.  It involved negotiations to take tylenol, eat popsicles, and apply a cool face cloth and she wanted nothing to do with any of these things.  It was torture trying to administer anything.  Luckily she did keep drinking water, which was vital in keeping her hydrated.  The only thing I was able to convince her to do was take a bath, until she realized the bath didn’t feel great on her skin.   Oh, and sleep as well, which is a rarity in our house.  Sofia will NEVER voluntarily take a nap or just go to bed.  Never in a million years.  It likely won’t happen again for a very long time.

IM..Sofiaisms, the sickness prevails..

A couple times on Sunday I began to wonder if she should go to the hospital. She would wake up disoriented, not knowing where she was, and would scream and cry uncontrollably.  I had to hold her tight against me, which is tough when your kid is hot like an oven (Sofia was even blowing on her skin to cool it down, she was so hot).  It was tiring and a little scary at times, for all of us.  I think even Mya was exhausted as she was unbelievably good for me on Sunday.  Oh, did I mention that Jordan worked all Sunday as well?  So it was just me and Sofia and the virus.  Fun times.

Mom, I feel like I’m melting

I will have to say, despite feeling awful, the girl didn’t forget about my promise to plant our sunflower.  Last year my Mother-In-Law gave us a sunflower pellet from The Enjoy Centre and I figured it was time to finally grow it.  On Friday I promised we would do some planting while Dad was at work on Sunday, so low-and-behold while in her feverish stupor Sofia begged to help me.  It was difficult for her to be outside for too long with the heat, but we huddled in what little shade my front lawn provided and made it work.

..Sofiaisms, the sickness prevails..

..Sofiaisms, the sickness prevails..

..Sofiaisms, the sickness prevails..

We then planted some wildflowers that will apparently produce flowers by the time Fall comes around.  One come only hope they bloom sooner, but who knows?  I’ve also had these seeds for a long time, so time will tell.  Regardless, it will be fun to take care of our plants together, she’s quite excited to see how they turn out.

..Sofiaisms, the sickness prevails..

Sick and crying..

Sometimes when you’re sick you cry

Jordan stayed home with Sofia and got to watch my little pony all day.

Asked him if he is now in love with the show…

Actually he’s in love with you!!

Who’s more fun to stay home with…

Mommy, but Daddy’s number two.

Still has her sense of humor…

I think my nose is running

Well let’s go downstairs and see if we can catch it

Oh Mom, that was funny

I’m very happy to announce that Sofia is finally coming around and feeling better.  She’s still more tired than usual and irritable  but hopefully by the weekend she’ll be back to normal again, just in time for Mother’s Day!!

..Irony, at its best..

The definition of irony:

Both your daughter and dog not wanting to get up during the week. Every morning is spent wrestling them out of bed, dealing with meltdowns and beagle attitudes, just so you can get to work on time.

Weekends come and they’re up early, sometimes earlier than during the week. No wrestling required, wide eyed, excited and ready to go!

But Mom, the sun is out, it’s morning time!


I will never understand.

..The Weekend That Was..

Everyone who knows me, knows that I love taking pictures. So much so that my hubby gets annoyed that I always have my iPhone out, snapping away, making him and Sofia pose or asked to repeat their actions. During my two months off from work, I took a total of 1200 pictures (what else am I going to do with my time?!). Now that I’m back to work my picture snapping has taken a considerable nose-dive (although, I’m sure Sofia appreciates it somewhat), so I decided to capture the fun weekend we had with some photos…

Playing with playdough Friday night. Booger or moustache? I’ll let you decide…

20130414-224807.jpg 20130414-224710.jpg

There’s a unicorn playing in our front yard! Rubber boots, a toque and mitts. Only in Alberta!


Snuggling with the Beagle. Such a comfy couch and spot to lay in.

Thankful for chaise lounges on Saturday!


Relaxing with some Netflix. The girl loves herself some My Little Pony these days 🙂


Rain or snow, the girl loves riding her bike. Must stop to make some snowballs…


Family photo op. Had to wrangle Mya into the picture, but it worked!


Painting pictures for a special cousin on Sunday.


Best afternoon!

First slurpee of the spring, leftover homemade Italian Wedding soup, and three new peanut butter flavours (bought Sunday afternoon at the Make It event in town – best one so far, Milk Chocolate.  Super tasty on warm banana nut bread)…



One of the two finished diaper cakes ready to be picked up!  Super happy with how they turned out!


Rebel without a cause at Grandma Colette’s house at dinnertime on Sunday.


After dancing on Saturday morning…

Today we went to home, then dance, then that store and that one and one more. Then I got dirty cause it never stops snowing!!

Singing loudly all weekend…if only it weren’t the truth…

Every day I’m shovelling!

Discussing growing up…

I want to be a doctor princess and a queen

Besides me being in bed by 10pm on both Friday and Saturday nights, the weekend was well spent. The weather may have been a little crazy, one minute snowing, the next sunny and melting, but it didn’t stop us (or rather, Sofia) from enjoying the outdoors. Very thankful we didn’t get the 20cm we had been expecting! Now hoping for a quick and enjoyable week.  Crossing our fingers we have some sun to melt the rest of the snow!

..Sofiaisms, Easter Edition..

Ride, ride, ride your bike, gently down the street.  Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream

That’s the song we sang on our evening walk after dinner tonight. We have started walking together as a family, Sofia riding her bike, Dad walking Mya, and me, Mom, pushing Sofia out of snow drifts and up hills. It’s been so refreshing being able to walk outside without freezing our butts off or being afraid of the ice. Now if only the snow would melt faster, without massive flooding, so we can walk on more than just one side of the street. I know it’ll happen eventually, I’m just impatient.

We had a great Easter weekend. Jordan had both Thursday and Friday off work, and we took Sofia to see The Croods yesterday. We thoroughly enjoyed the movie! It was cute, funny, and had a great family message to it. It’s been a long while since a good family movie came out in theatres, so it was nice to enjoy one and as a family. We also had some movie tickets, one including a child’s concussion item; so what would have been an over $50 outing, ended up only costing us $10 (Jord bought nachos)!  One word: Awesome!

Today we celebrated Easter with our families. Spent the afternoon with my family, ate brunch, and watched Sofia search for Easter eggs. The Easter bunny was one generous guy this year! He also made a pit stop at Jordan’s parent’s house where we stopped off for dinner. Now we’re chilling after our walk, watching some tv, and cuddling on the couch. All-in-all, a fantastic weekend!!

Easter bunny vs Santa Clause…

Mom, I like the Easter bunny, but not as much as Santa Clause.  I get to see him.


Hmmm.  I don’t like jello beans.

Confusing the holidays…

I think my friends are all trick-or-treating today.  Getting lots of chocolate bunnies.


..Sofiaisms, day eight..

Jordan and I both grew up being die-hard Oilers fans.  Both our Dads love the team, so cheering for them pretty much was in our blood. The same can be said for Sofia.  She’s growing up with the blue and orange, and even though most days she doesn’t LOVE watching the game, she has her favourite players.  We took this video the other day as she expressed her love, it was so cute we couldn’t help but send it to the team…

Here are a few more Sofiaisms to tide you over the Easter long weekend.  It’s a super long weekend for us as Jordan is off today and I don’t start work until Tuesday.  Looking forward to some fun, quality family time!  Wishing you all a happy one as well.

Being caught picking her nose…

I’m just doing what you do! [not true, not true at all!]

After going to the SPCA to play with puppies and kitties…

Why are all those puppies getting bought?  I want to play with ‘dem, but dere’s too many people.

One of those times where I’m not sure if she’s ‘playing’ or really serious…

I’m so tired I can’t standle it!  I’m going to nap in my tent.

Going in to the bathroom with Sofia…

‘Dere’s pee on the floor.  Wasn’t me.  I know!  It was Dad!

Talking to herself while playing…

My Mom is going to be my bestest, bestest Mom ever