..Sofiaisms, Walks, Parks, and.. Sharks?..

We have a lot of conversations on our walks.  A lot.  Honestly, half the time I can’t understand half of them.  Sofia has her own little language and stories and we discuss what seems like a million topics at once.  We go through them so quickly I have trouble keeping up some times.  Add in Gabriel, whatever he’s doing (which is mainly whining from budding teeth lately) and I’m completely lost!

Lately conversation has focused primarily on sharks.  I don’t understand why either.  We don’t live by them, or even remotely close to the ocean.  Either way, it’s an amusing topic that creates a lot of laughter and discussion.

The first time sharks entered the conversation was while walking home from a small park in the neighborhood next to us earlier this month.  We happened to see a bunny sitting on someone’s lawn, completely not moving and continued camping out even after we walked by.  Of course Sofia was excited and immediately wanted to approach it.. Continue reading


..Summer of Fun..

I love summer.  I love waking up to the sun shining, birds chirping and the smell of flowers.  Know what else I love?  Sofia sleeping in.  It’s 8:56 and where is my 5 year old?  Still in bed.  WOOT!  Best morning ever.  Both Fi and baby are sleeping, leaving me to enjoy my morning coffee and Gossip Girl addiction all by my lonesome.  Ok, ok not entirely alone, Mya is snoozing beside me on the couch.  Looks as though I’m the only one not sleeping.  For once, that is a-ok with me.

..Summer of Fun..

While the kiddies sleep and I’m being entertained by Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen (which btw, after the 5th season the acting and story plotlines just get cray cray!!  I still watch for some reason that I’m unsure of) I’ll entertain you with my ‘Summer of Fun Must-Bring List’..

During my first few park outings I discovered you need to carry essentials with you everywhere/every time you venture out.

Summer of Fun Must-Bring List

Snacks:  Because even though you may have eaten breakfast/lunch before heading out, kids are always hungry.  Always.  Actually, just bring your fridge and pantry with you.  No matter what snacks I bring alone, the child will inevitably want something I don’t have.  Or something others have. Like ice cream or sno-cones.

Blanket: This one I’m still having issues remembering but it should be the first thing I pack.  It’s so handy to whip out and lay the baby down on.  Without one, things like this happen.. at least he was protected from the weeds, right?

..Summer of Fun..

Sunscreen: I’m crazy about sun protection, applying and reapplying it during the day.  It’s become a staple item in the diaper bag these days. The thought of developing skin cancer scares me and I don’t care if that means staying nice and pastey white.

Water: This seems like a given but I’ve been known to have forgotten it. This must must must never happen as chaos is bound to ensue.. and not just by the kids either!

Diapers, change of clothes, extra shoes: These seem like no brainers as well but trust me, even on little walks they need to be with you.  Guaranteed ‘someone’ will decide it’s poop day and it’ll get everywhere. We MAY have had to dress Gabe in Sofia’s clothes, a pair of panties, and a woman’s pad in the past..you know, because we forgot.  Poor guy!

At any rate, we try try try to make sure all items are present on walks.  Ok, I try.  I like to think it’s a group effort but it’s mainly me.

Let the summer of fun continue on!

..Summer of Fun..


I can’t believe it’s July 2 already!  I’m incredibly behind in my park challenge and updates.  We have been checking out parks but not once a week like I had initially intended to and not different ones either.  Whoops.  It’s come to light that hanging out at the splash park is one of the best ways to pass the time, get a break from the heat, and let Sofia play, play, play.  I’ve also discovered that my little man sleeps quite well in the fresh air.



Needless to say, we’ve spent a few days at the splash park already and Sofia just finished kindergarten a week ago.  And don’t get me started on that.  Let’s just say it’s a whole other post for another day. Lots of tears from me and disbelief that she’s going to be starting Grade 1 in the fall.  Full time school?  My baby is growing up and I’m not ready!!

Anyhoo..summer has officially started and there’s nothing like a little park fun in the morning to kick things off!  Today we visited a park close to home for us, literally a 10-15 minute walk up the road.  Sofia loves this park.  It’s huge, has lots of fun slides, bridges, and twirly-whirly swings to play on and climb up.  It’s a big hit around here!



Aviary Photo_130488153333438645

Gabriel also feel asleep on the way home, Sofia was all tuckered out, and it was only 11 am!!  Win-win for everyone!!  Stay tuned for more updates!


..Project, Parks..

I’m realizing I’ve become my own worst enemy.  I’ve let myself hide inside my house, hibernating the days away, afraid of venturing outside and messing up my routine.  Which, mind you, isn’t much either.  Sitting all day on my couch is NOT a routine.  Ok ok, yes it is but it’s not a good one!  I am lacking energy to work out a ton but I figure you don’t need energy to enjoy the outside, and there’s no better way than experiencing the many parks my beautiful city has to offer!

That being said, in an effort to get myself outside and off the couch, I’ve decided to challenge myself to a park project.  What does it entail?

At least once a week I’m going to visit a new park,whether to take Sofia (and Gabe) to play, meet up with friends, or just enjoy the outdoors, relax, and read… There’s really nothing better than sitting on the grass and soaking in the sunshine.  Some days I still miss my lunch hours at work where I’d sit for an hour, without being plugged into my phone or computer and just enjoy being outside.  It was the best feeling!  I’d go back to work feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the afternoon.  I am determined to feel that way once again.  No more feeling down and frustrated with life!  I’m going to grab life by the horns and ENJOY IT.  We only have so much time before it’s snowing again and I need to appreciate every moment of it.

Yesterday was the first day of my new challenge.  I met up with a good friend for lunch at the University and we sat outside.  I know it’s not technically a ‘park’ but it’s a beautiful green area and one of my favourite places to be (we had both our engagement and wedding pictures taken at the University, so it’s quite evident that it’s one of my all-time favourite spots in the city). It was awesome to sit in the sun and catch up!  Next time though I need to remember to bring a hat.  Gabe’s bald spot was put to the test today by being exposed to the sun rays…and his skin too, of course.  Bad mommy moment for me!

..Project, Parks..

Not to mention we got caught in a sudden rain shower shortly after leaving and I neglected to put on his jacket. Whoops!  It was sunny when I left, how was I to know?!  😛  Another thing I learned was to always bring a blanket (to sit on, or you know – sudden rain coverage!!), just in case it’s needed!!

..Project, Parks..

Later on yesterday evening I decided to take a walk with Sofia and we ventured out to a park by our house. We stopped to watch some kids playing soccer and softball.  We didn’t stop for too long but enough to enjoy ourselves.  We typically frequent this park as it’s fairly close to our place, so I’m looking forward to visiting some other ones and discovering new favourites!!!

..Project, Parks..

..Will It Live?..

This is my coworker’s plant.  She and I have a wager on right now whether it will live or die.  To me, it’s looking a little sad, wilted, needs some sun, maybe a good watering once-in-awhile (due note, this picture was taken right after she gave it a drink).  Don’t let the little stem fool you either, it’s been there awhile, at least since I’ve been around.  I’m thinking it may be just too far gone.  She thinks we should just give it some time.

What do you think?

..Will It Live?..

..The Little Things..

A friend’s recent Facebook post got me thinking about the things in life that make us happy. Just the little things, like someone opening a door for you or a stranger saying ‘good morning’ and smiling as they pass by. I think we’re often so busy, stressed, and distracted we don’t take the time to see these things and really appreciate their greatness.

I decided to write out a list of the things that make me happy. Most of these are the feelings I’ve been experiencing lately and events I’ve gone through in the past few days.

What inspires you to smile on a day-to-day basis?

  • Green grass sprouting and snow melting away.
  • The sun shining!
  • Smell of freshly brewed coffee.
  • No longer wearing winter boots.
  • Going a step further and wearing no socks with my shoes!
  • The sound of children’s laughter (I may be biased, but Sofia’s laugh is the most contagious giggle I’ve ever heard!)
  • Mya sleeping like a person, with her head on the pillow and body under the sheets


  • Going to bed early and waking up feeling refreshed.
  • Not having to drive myself home during rush hour traffic.
  • Chatting with my bus friends.
  • The smell after it rains.
  • Sunscreen!
  • Discovering Sofia has been on my twitter and her recent tweet has been shared to others.


  • Giggle fests over nothing.
  • Joking around with my new coworkers and boy, can we have some pretty silly conversations. It’s such a fun atmosphere!
  • Reading magazines on my iPad. It just makes me happy.
  • Looking through old photos and reminiscing about good times with friends and family.
  • The smell of a swimming pool.
  • Milk chocolate peanut butter. With pretzels. Or spread on waffles. Or eaten directly out of the jar.


  • Getting addicted to a new book or series.
  • Hearing Sofia yell and run for me when I get home from work. It’s the best sound in the world.
  • Meeting old colleagues for lunch and catching up.
  • Listening to Mya snore and chase in her sleep.
  • Going through old school books from classes you really enjoyed.
  • The smell of baby powder.


  • Hugging my little girl and feeling her arms tight around my neck. BEST feeling in the world!
  • Hearing Sofia whisper that she loves us, always and forever. And Mya too. And everyone she knows. And herself too.
  • Finding a funny or quirky license plate and telling Jordan about it.
  • Dancing for no reason….to New Kids On The Block…and any other tune Sofia has chosen as her song of the day.
  • Getting messages from friends and family.
  • Knowing that tomorrow is a new day and we can start all over again…


Sofia, inspecting my outfit as I’m getting dressed in the morning, criticising why I decided to wear my suede boots to work…

But you can’t jump in any puddles with ‘dos!!

..Sofiaisms, day four..

I’ve  been facing a rough dose of writer’s block this past week.  It seems I can conjure up an idea for a post in my head, but by the time I sit down to write it out, I completely loose my thought process.  It’s incredibly frustrating!  I even have a blog journal that I’ve been writing in to capture my ideas, it’s just typing them out that seems to be where I’m stuck.  Really hoping to get out of the slump soon!

In the meantime, I will share my third Sofiaism post this week…

Sticking her feet in my face…

Stinky toes!  Stinky toes!  Smell ‘dem.  They stinky.

Closing the front room curtains…

[Sigh] I don’t like the sun any more.  It hurts my eyes.

After putting lotion on her hands, and I left her to her own devices for a few minutes..

Mommy, I made lotion.  With my slobber!  I mixed it all together and it’s ok, it’s just water.  Smell it!

Listening to The Lumineers song that Sofia loves…

You like this song?  What does it taste like?

How come you woke up at 4:30 this morning?

I wanted to watch some tv.


That’s it for now!  Hope you’re all having a good week so far!