..Falling Into Photos..

I love pictures. I love fall. There’s no better combination in my opinion than those two.  Add in a fall challenge and I’m in heaven! Fall is hands down one of the best seasons for photography – the colors, the colors, the colors!!!  Did I mention the colors?  Just breathtaking!  I’m also new to the photo taking world.  I’ve been wanting to learn for many years now but have never had the time or the proper equipment to do so.  So when my sister asked me if I wanted her old Canon Rebel DSLR I couldn’t say no!  I just won’t say WHEN she actually gave me that camera though.. 😉

My first challenge is called Project 52.  I basically take photos once a week for a year.  I wanted to do a 365 challenge but there’s too much going on right now and I didn’t want to overwhelm myself right off the bat.  I may take pictures more than once a week or maybe even less (hopefully not!), learn a bunch of new techniques along the way and hopefully get good (and bad) criticisms on my photos.

Without further ado..

..Falling Into Photos..


IMG_8724 (2)

Kids (well, babies) are by far the most difficult to photograph.  I really struggle with how to capture Gabriel without it being blurry or disjointed.  I’ve read to keep the shutter speed at around 1/125 for children but it doesn’t always happen indoors with the lack of light.  I’m trying to work with it but it’s a big learning curve for me.  If only he would just.sit.still!!!  At least for a minute…or two…

Having said that, older children are great!  Sofia is awesome to photograph (when she’s in the mood that is!!) and we’ve been able to capture a lot of great shots.  She doesn’t like to admit it, but she enjoys looking at the pictures and posing.

..Falling Into Photos..

..Falling Into Photos..

..Falling Into Photos..

I just realized all my photos posted are to the ‘right’ of view.  This was NOT deliberate and I promise, I DO have other views.  They just didn’t turn out..

..Falling Into Photos..

What happens when you roll around in the leaves, weeds, and grass to shoot.  It’s an itchy job, but I’ll take it!

..Falling Into Photos..


My loves ❤


..Falling Into Photos..

IMG_8808 (2)


..Sofiaisms..day eleven..

Its been awhile since I last sat down and wrote my last post. I’ve been battling a cold that seems to have set up a permanent home. Not to mention, the weather has been so gloomy, cold and snowy the last two days all I want to do is sleep all day. Getting up early for work is a challenge. But I do it.

Tonight I was able to spend some quality one-on-one time with Sofia while giving her a bath. We washed her hair, played, cut her nails and chatted. The girl never stops talking. I swear her brain is constantly ticking. We don’t just talk about one subject either, discussion and questions are scattered all over the place. It’s tough to keep up when you’re tired! It’s still my favourite time of day.

While cutting nails…

I don’t know how to name well.  I get yours name and Daddy’s wrong.  But never Mya’s and my puppies.  But sometimes I call Mya, Poopers.

Trying to sway her way…

Do I have to have a bath?  Do you have to wash my hair?  How bout you just brush it?

..Sofiaisms, day eleven..
Not crying, I swear…

Mom, I didn’t cry today or yesterday.  I was just pretending.

Looking at our iPad pictures…

Mom, I’m never going to delete you.

Saying goodnight…

Mommy you’re the best.  And Daddy is the best too.

..Sofiaisms, day eleven..