..My Proudest Day..

I can’t help but want to share my proud Mommy moment from last night. It’s been a looong road and I feel like we’re finally getting somewhere.

Long story short: Sofia used to HATE water. As in would scream, thrash, howl, you name it when it came to baths, sprinklers, pools, or anything to do with water and it splashing you in the face. Bathing was always the worst and I dreaded them (didn’t help that when she was 2 she pooped in the tub, I freaked, thus traumatizing her from potty training, pooping, and having baths). It was awful.  Good parenting, I know, but there was poop, it surprised me, and instinct set in.

Last summer we put her in swimming lessons for the first time. For most of the session she’d sit on the pool steps, refuse to enter the water, and would ignore the instructor. It was frustrating. By the end she would ‘kind of go’ in, but we had to buy her goggles for her eyes or she wouldn’t budge.

In the fall we put her back in swimming, again in the same class as we didn’t think she was ready to advance. Things were better, she was still apprehensive about the water and splashing, but wasn’t stationed on the steps all class and she participated the entire time. We were so proud.

Yesterday was our first trip back to the pool since last Fall. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was hoping for the best. WOW, she was like a whole other person! Jumping around in the water, splashing, dunking her head, floating, it was incredible!! Couldn’t believe this was the same girl who had been afraid. One of the other moms even commented to me on how much fun DD was having. I almost cried with pride!! She still wears her goggles, but it’s a small price to pay for her confidence in the water. She usually avoids the showers after swimming and yesterday she went under that as well!! She had pinkie promised me she would and went right under it after class.  She even remarked later that it wasn’t so bad.

Later on at home, after exploding with happiness to her Dad (and showing us exactly how to play fishie-in-the-water) she was so excited I had a tough time putting her to bed, she just wanted to talk and talk about swimming and what she did and the fun she had. My heart was literally swelling at the sound of her joy!  I wanted to shout out to everyone around us how proud I was/am.  It makes me so happy to know that she’s happy and feels secure in the water.  I’ve been afraid of water my whole life, so I understand where she’s coming from (and likely where she got it from!!!) and I hope, hope, hope it doesn’t hinder her in life like it has in mine.

..My Proudest Day..