..Never Say Never..to a bead and hemp..

I love Pinterest.  I love it like Mya loves socks.  I see a project pinned, fall in love, and must find a way to reproduce it, or make it my own.  So when I, ‘by chance’, saw a DIY bracelet pinned by one of my Pinterest buddies, I was immediately hooked and immediately mistaken.


Because beading is HARD.  Especially if you’ve never really done it before and you’re using hemp.  The pictures may LOOK easy, but trust me, it’s deceiving.  Even after watching countless Youtube tutorial videos, it just does not look the same as you initially saw or thought you could do.  Because that’s what happens!!  I see a finished project that someone else has perfected, and I think, “oh, I can totally do that!!  See how easy it looks?!”

Yeah.  Four hours later, I’m still trying to figure it out and it does NOT look even remotely close (especially when your thread, hemp – whatever, and beads all look different.  The story immediately changes it’s tune.  It’s disheartening, yet, realistic…but this I will NEVER admit to myself.  Never.)



First failed attempt at said hemp bracelet.  Ended up looking like something you’d attach to your keyring…or take apart and start over.


But, I kept at it.  My stubbornness and unwillingness to let something like beading win, I sauntered on and spent another 3 hours learning the ways of hemp and eventually just beads and cord (which normal people would start out with, as it’s easy, but nooooooo, I have to make things more complicated).  What can I say?  I’m weird.  It keeps things interesting!

Then I made a broccoli salad.  Yum!  :p

beads2 beads3 beads4 beads5

I should add, I never did get the hang of a true hemp bracelet, but I did learn how to start and end one (and stealing a big bead from a necklace of Sofia’s, because all of mine were too small, lol).  Eventually I”ll learn the rest.  But for now, I’ll stick to braiding and plain beading….