..Falling Into Photos..

I love pictures. I love fall. There’s no better combination in my opinion than those two.  Add in a fall challenge and I’m in heaven! Fall is hands down one of the best seasons for photography – the colors, the colors, the colors!!!  Did I mention the colors?  Just breathtaking!  I’m also new to the photo taking world.  I’ve been wanting to learn for many years now but have never had the time or the proper equipment to do so.  So when my sister asked me if I wanted her old Canon Rebel DSLR I couldn’t say no!  I just won’t say WHEN she actually gave me that camera though.. 😉

My first challenge is called Project 52.  I basically take photos once a week for a year.  I wanted to do a 365 challenge but there’s too much going on right now and I didn’t want to overwhelm myself right off the bat.  I may take pictures more than once a week or maybe even less (hopefully not!), learn a bunch of new techniques along the way and hopefully get good (and bad) criticisms on my photos.

Without further ado..

..Falling Into Photos..


IMG_8724 (2)

Kids (well, babies) are by far the most difficult to photograph.  I really struggle with how to capture Gabriel without it being blurry or disjointed.  I’ve read to keep the shutter speed at around 1/125 for children but it doesn’t always happen indoors with the lack of light.  I’m trying to work with it but it’s a big learning curve for me.  If only he would just.sit.still!!!  At least for a minute…or two…

Having said that, older children are great!  Sofia is awesome to photograph (when she’s in the mood that is!!) and we’ve been able to capture a lot of great shots.  She doesn’t like to admit it, but she enjoys looking at the pictures and posing.

..Falling Into Photos..

..Falling Into Photos..

..Falling Into Photos..

I just realized all my photos posted are to the ‘right’ of view.  This was NOT deliberate and I promise, I DO have other views.  They just didn’t turn out..

..Falling Into Photos..

What happens when you roll around in the leaves, weeds, and grass to shoot.  It’s an itchy job, but I’ll take it!

..Falling Into Photos..


My loves ❤


..Falling Into Photos..

IMG_8808 (2)


..Let’s Talk About, Carrots..

I’ve become ‘that’ parent.  The parent who states she wants to try baby led weaning this time instead of rice cereal, purees, then finger foods (if you’re lost on what baby led weaning means, as it is a strange term for letting your child feed themselves from the very start) but then once we start, babe breaks off a piece of carrot, I freak out, grabs the food from his mouth and proceed to cut it into super small pieces.

Turns out I’m petrified of Gabriel choking.  So scared I startled him more by pulling the food out of his mouth when he probably could have dealt with it himself.  Sigh.  Now I have food-related anxiety on top of everything else (aka driving, leaving them, you name it..).  Wonderful!!!  Looks like we’ll just continue to give him food we’re eating but just mush it up into little pieces and feed via a spoon.  Oh, and did I mention I also don’t trust anyone else to feed him but myself?  It’s bad but I’m working on it.  One day at a time..

..Let's Talk About, Carrots..

Don’t let these pictures fool you either, the boy LOVED carrots!!  You know, when I wasn’t forcibly yanking them out of his poor mouth.  We’ve also tried some chicken and a red pepper, which also went over well.  And a cucumber.  He seemed confused about what that was though..


..Our Food Story Begins..

It’s coming.  Solids. Those confusing, messy, time consuming solids.  Apparently things have changed since we first started feeding Sofia and now we’re to start with meat.  Poor babes. Gritty, plain chicken does not sound like a yummy window into the world of foodie eating.  So I’ve decided to take things slow (G isn’t 6 months old yet) and introduce some fun things before the boring.  Today we started with some watermelon, mainly thanks to the hot hot weather we’ve been having.  It’s the best way to cool my babe down and hydrate at the same time!  Needless to say, it was a hit!

I think I’m starting to feel more comfortable with the idea of feeding my wee man food.  He’s just growing too fast and I’m not ready!  Seems he is though…


..Summer of Fun..

I love summer.  I love waking up to the sun shining, birds chirping and the smell of flowers.  Know what else I love?  Sofia sleeping in.  It’s 8:56 and where is my 5 year old?  Still in bed.  WOOT!  Best morning ever.  Both Fi and baby are sleeping, leaving me to enjoy my morning coffee and Gossip Girl addiction all by my lonesome.  Ok, ok not entirely alone, Mya is snoozing beside me on the couch.  Looks as though I’m the only one not sleeping.  For once, that is a-ok with me.

..Summer of Fun..

While the kiddies sleep and I’m being entertained by Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen (which btw, after the 5th season the acting and story plotlines just get cray cray!!  I still watch for some reason that I’m unsure of) I’ll entertain you with my ‘Summer of Fun Must-Bring List’..

During my first few park outings I discovered you need to carry essentials with you everywhere/every time you venture out.

Summer of Fun Must-Bring List

Snacks:  Because even though you may have eaten breakfast/lunch before heading out, kids are always hungry.  Always.  Actually, just bring your fridge and pantry with you.  No matter what snacks I bring alone, the child will inevitably want something I don’t have.  Or something others have. Like ice cream or sno-cones.

Blanket: This one I’m still having issues remembering but it should be the first thing I pack.  It’s so handy to whip out and lay the baby down on.  Without one, things like this happen.. at least he was protected from the weeds, right?

..Summer of Fun..

Sunscreen: I’m crazy about sun protection, applying and reapplying it during the day.  It’s become a staple item in the diaper bag these days. The thought of developing skin cancer scares me and I don’t care if that means staying nice and pastey white.

Water: This seems like a given but I’ve been known to have forgotten it. This must must must never happen as chaos is bound to ensue.. and not just by the kids either!

Diapers, change of clothes, extra shoes: These seem like no brainers as well but trust me, even on little walks they need to be with you.  Guaranteed ‘someone’ will decide it’s poop day and it’ll get everywhere. We MAY have had to dress Gabe in Sofia’s clothes, a pair of panties, and a woman’s pad in the past..you know, because we forgot.  Poor guy!

At any rate, we try try try to make sure all items are present on walks.  Ok, I try.  I like to think it’s a group effort but it’s mainly me.

Let the summer of fun continue on!

..Summer of Fun..

..One Month..

Gabriel is officially one month old today.  We survived!  And life with two kids?  In a nutshell…  Busy.  Tiring.  Interesting.  Some days I want to run away and others I am so happy I could split at the seams.  Not to say that it isn’t hard, because it is.  Having an active 5 year old going through Mom withdrawal and a baby attached to your hip sometimes makes me long for the single days.  The other day Jordan and I went to Superstore sans kids and we couldn’t believe how easy and fast leaving the house and shopping was. We were gone for less than 40 minutes and managed to shop, pay, and drive there and back.  It was amazing and surreal!  I also miss having time to shower and eat in peace, but we’ll get there eventually.  Give it 18 more years, right?

It’s also crazy how different two babies can be.  Gabriel is ALL about Mom, poor Dad is left in the dark.  And will NOT sleep alone.  It’s like pulling teeth! He finally took the soother yesterday as well, but will spit that baby out if things don’t go his way!  Sofia on the other hand?  Was sleeping in her crib, in her room at one month.  She wouldn’t take the soother and would go to both Jordan and myself.  But she was a crier!  Partly likely due to the sans soother problem. I’m hoping to curb Gabriel’s crying habits with a baby carrier (as well as soother…wish I had done this more with Sofia, but oh well).  I can only carry the little gaffer so long before my arms start to give out.  He’s also gaining weight like crazy, so if he keeps this up the arm pain will only get worse!  Another difference?  Gabriel is a GREAT eater.  Prefers breastfeeding to bottle and we haven’t had to supplement, whereas with Sofia I was pumping, nursing and supplementing to maintain her weight.  It’s so refreshing to not have to really worry about that this time, except for the non-stop feeding spurts that Gabe has.  The boy wants to eat all.the.time.  Wears a girl out!

We’re also still dealing with jealousy issues with Sofia and working on establishing new routines and traditions with our family of 4.  It’s difficult when she can remember a time when she was the only one and can reference specific events and dates.   I know it’ll get better but it’s challenging, especially early in the morning when she just doesn’t want to listen.  Also frustrating when she dotes on her little brother, but then carries around a picture of the 3 of us , kissing it, saying…I miss when it was just us 3…

I’m happy to announce that despite the big changes we’ve gone through, my depression and anxiety have so far been under control.  There are some days where I’m not sure I can handle everything as I seem to have forgotten some things about babies and newborns, then adding in another kid on top of it, but I’m feeling MUCH better than what I was back in October.  The big thing I’m dealing with is lack of sleep, especially since Gabe likes to get up at 3/4 am after getting to bed around 11/midnight.  Sometimes I can’t fall back asleep so that mixed in with endless morning cries makes me feel a little crazy some days.  Then add in Sofia’s daily morning meltdown because I wasn’t able to help her get dressed and I’m done before the day even begins.  Looking forward to sleeping again one day!  Just hoping it’s in the near future.  Must remind myself not to compare Gabe to Sofia in case he doesn’t sleep 12hrs come 6 months old…:p

Here are some updated Sofia quotes to end off my post.  One thing I’ve started working on again are these, so hopefully I can keep writing them down before my lack of brain forgets.  Enjoy and Happy Friday!  😀

Holding Gabe..

I’m saving him from you.  Muhahahaha!!

Just an FYI, Mya..

I know you love him but you have to be good [for the record, Mya was sleeping on the couch at the time, lol]

One more thing..

Mya, when you scratch I can see your bum

On crying in the car seat..

Brother just cries in there.  I never hear him say, ‘it’s okay, I’ll be alright’.

Valentine’s from a boy [it read that he thought Sofia was pretty]..

Why does he say this and then calls me stupid?  That doesn’t make any sense.

..One Month..

..One Month..

..One Month..

* Family and sibling photos are credit to Lisa with O’Snap Photography, who is absolutely fantastic!!*

..Sofiaisms, oh the baby..

It’s been an interesting few weeks in our household now that Gabriel has arrived.  Life as we know it will never be the same!  In both good ways and bad.  The good: having two healthy children and loving both of them.  The bad: the crying. Ohhhhh, the crying.  And not just from Gabe either.  Did I mention the meltdowns too?!  Ugh, just thinking of it makes me tired.  Every morning and night it seems.  I’m trying to wait patiently for the day it gets better, cause it does.  Right?  Things would be better if Sofia didn’t think we stopped loving her when Gabriel was born.  Throwing off our usual routine has really made for a tough life for her, but we’re trying.  We’re constantly telling her that we love her and things will get better.  I feel bad and I KNOW I’m not there for her as much as I used to be, but it’s impossible to be when I have a newborn attached to me every waking moment it seems.

 Which brings us to our post for today…

On feedings..

Mom, why do babies feed from boobies?  Is my brother done eating yet?

Older kids..

Why can’t older kids eat from boobies?  I think it would be really good!!

Looking an old photo of the three of us..

Remember when it was just us three?

My response… remember when your brother was born and it became the four of us?

Fun diaper changes..

DID HE POOP???  I want to come see the poop!

On names..

My brother’s name is Gabri-elle.

Try saying it Gab-ri-el.


..Sofiaisms, oh the baby..

..Sofiaisms, on the baby..

..Sofiaisms, Happy Friday!..

It’s Friday and I’m feeling good today!  Jordan is off work so we’re going to finish cleaning up our pile of  old laminate/carpet in the backyard (you know, before it snows on Sunday, cause that would be fun disposing of wet smelly carpet), do a little shopping and enjoy the day.  I’m trying to keep busy but not overdo things either.  Spent most of yesterday reorganizing and cleaning the main floor and I’m LOVING how it looks now.   Just needs some artwork and pictures hung up on the walls and we’re done!  SO happy to finally have one project on our list complete.  Next up, finally the baby room…?  One can only hope…

Kissing the baby…

Mom, I was kissing the baby, not you you know.  I’ve given you thousands of kisses already.

On the future…

When the baby comes out will you still love me?  Don’t forget about Mya.  Will you still be my Mom when I grow up?


I forgot I was a kid.  Tell me why again?

On music…

What do you mean you don’t like ALL the music, Mom?

Sing it sister…

It’s Sofia.  S.O.F.I.A.  Hey hey!

..Sofiaisms, Happy Friday..