May your walls know joy…

I love this quote!


..The Little Things, part two..

Four posts in two days.  It’s definitely more than I’m used to but I’m feeling the need to write tonight.  After almost a full day of goodness, I was about to leave work when I got a call that unsettled me.  I won’t go into details but I set off for home in poor spirits.  After getting on the bus, we sat in traffic for what seemed like hours as construction has officially started on the worst road on my commute.  To make things worse, it’s the second time that road has been worked on in two years.  Makes no sense to me!  Then I get home and Mya throws up on the carpet.  Why, why the carpet?!  The laminate flooring was literally centimetres away.  This also doesn’t make much sense to me.  Plus, to top it all off, I’m still under the weather with my cold.  AND it’s still chilly outside.  Blah.

Needless to say, I’m feeling a bit down tonight.  To cheer myself up and get out of my ‘funk’, I decided to write a second list of the little things that make me happy.  In the grand scheme of things, my problems really aren’t that bad, just fueled by a domino-effect of negativity.

..The Little Things, part two..

  • Having Quiznos for dinner.  Super delicious and requires no effort whatsoever.
  • Explaining to people at work that my name starts with a ‘K’ and my last name a ‘C’.  They find it hilarious!
  • Being mistaken as a 22 year old.  Everyone always told me I’d appreciate this one day and that day is finally here!
  • Having supportive coworkers and supervisor.
  • Laughing so hard all that comes out is uncontrollable snorting.

..The Little Things, part two..

  • Getting my first work paycheque.  Thursday will be the best day ever.
  • Chocolate peanut butter.  Have I mentioned this before???
  • Homemade Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies.  So delicious!
  • Watching Young and The Restless before dinner.  It’s my new guilty pleasure.
  • Homemade vegetable soup.  Also so delicious and perfect cold comfort food.
  • Teaching Sofia how to write her name properly.  She seems to struggle with the concept of writing left-to-right and excels at writing right-to-left and backwards but we’re working on it.  

..The Little Things, part two..

  • Snuggling with Mya for a couple minutes.  Once Dad gets home I cease to exist.
  • My neighbours tulips.  They finally growing, turning green, and soon to bloom.  I’m so excited!  They’re going to be beautiful.
  • A husky sticking his head out the car window as they drive by.  Pure enjoyment and satisfaction written all over its face.
  • Eating dinner with my little family.
  • Dancing to a catchy song down the street, not caring who sees or what people think.
  • Discussing Sofia’s day and how she ‘only watched 3 shows today, Mom!’

..The Little Things, part two..

When I’m sick I always have to have blankets on.  My feet and legs get cold.

I’m afraid of monkeys, but not tigers.  And little bit afraid of big dogs, but not Mya.

When you eat, like soup, you can throw up in your bed.  I did on Friday, when I was 3.

..The Weekend That Was..

Everyone who knows me, knows that I love taking pictures. So much so that my hubby gets annoyed that I always have my iPhone out, snapping away, making him and Sofia pose or asked to repeat their actions. During my two months off from work, I took a total of 1200 pictures (what else am I going to do with my time?!). Now that I’m back to work my picture snapping has taken a considerable nose-dive (although, I’m sure Sofia appreciates it somewhat), so I decided to capture the fun weekend we had with some photos…

Playing with playdough Friday night. Booger or moustache? I’ll let you decide…

20130414-224807.jpg 20130414-224710.jpg

There’s a unicorn playing in our front yard! Rubber boots, a toque and mitts. Only in Alberta!


Snuggling with the Beagle. Such a comfy couch and spot to lay in.

Thankful for chaise lounges on Saturday!


Relaxing with some Netflix. The girl loves herself some My Little Pony these days 🙂


Rain or snow, the girl loves riding her bike. Must stop to make some snowballs…


Family photo op. Had to wrangle Mya into the picture, but it worked!


Painting pictures for a special cousin on Sunday.


Best afternoon!

First slurpee of the spring, leftover homemade Italian Wedding soup, and three new peanut butter flavours (bought Sunday afternoon at the Make It event in town – best one so far, Milk Chocolate.  Super tasty on warm banana nut bread)…



One of the two finished diaper cakes ready to be picked up!  Super happy with how they turned out!


Rebel without a cause at Grandma Colette’s house at dinnertime on Sunday.


After dancing on Saturday morning…

Today we went to home, then dance, then that store and that one and one more. Then I got dirty cause it never stops snowing!!

Singing loudly all weekend…if only it weren’t the truth…

Every day I’m shovelling!

Discussing growing up…

I want to be a doctor princess and a queen

Besides me being in bed by 10pm on both Friday and Saturday nights, the weekend was well spent. The weather may have been a little crazy, one minute snowing, the next sunny and melting, but it didn’t stop us (or rather, Sofia) from enjoying the outdoors. Very thankful we didn’t get the 20cm we had been expecting! Now hoping for a quick and enjoyable week.  Crossing our fingers we have some sun to melt the rest of the snow!

..Sunny Saturday..

The sun is shining, it’s Saturday, it’s going to be a great day!  Other reasons why today is great…

– We threw a dance party after breakfast this morning, where Sofia tried to teach Dad some ballet moves.  It was a priceless moment, I should have taken pictures, it likely won’t happen ever again.

– I worked out for the first time in months!  I actually can’t remember the last time I worked up a sweat in my yoga pants, instead of just wearing them around the house.  My legs are still jello-like, but I’m feeling great!  Hoping to keep it up and crossing my fingers I’m not crawling across the floor in the morning.

– I successfully drank a banana smoothie.  I refuse to eat the fruit, except for in baking as the taste and texture turn me off, but after working out the potassium is greatly needed, and it turned out to be quite tasty!  Recipe can be found here.


– Finally organized my hot drink cupboard.  It’s one of the last cupboards left to work on in my kitchen organization project.  I can’t help but feel giddy every time I open the door and see the prettiness.  Now I need to create some pretty labels for everything and it’ll be done!  Third reorganization of the kitchen and I think I’ve finally mastered it.


– Found a way to eat more protein and enjoy it at the same time: deviled eggs with tuna.  Sounds kind of weird, but it’s really yummy!  Next time I may add a bit less tuna and more egg, but I’ll definitely be making them again.  My next project is to make my own Larabars!  If you don’t know what those are, they are vegan energy bars made with dates, coconut, and nuts.  I bought some dates the other day, so I’m ready to go!  Just need to get out the food processor.


– Not a big deal, but I caught up on laundry for the week, washing, folding, and putting away.  Not sure what it is, but catching up on laundry just puts me at ease.  Now on to cleaning bathrooms and floors…

Wishing you all a happy weekend!  Hope it’s sunny wherever you are!


This morning, as per usual, Sofia was begging me to watch tv and I was being the ‘mean mommy’ and not allowing her.  After a few arguments, she started pulling the blanket we keep on the couch over her head.  Literally minutes later, we were pulling cushions off the couch and laying them out against one of our chairs.  And a fort was built!  You better believe there was an area for her to park her car and for Mya to visit (although Mya just wanted to sabbotage it.  The fort is taking over part of her ‘sleeping spot’ and she’s not too impressed with that).  Such a fun morning!  Was great to see the excitement in Sofia’s face, and hear her little giggles as the fort would fall over and on her.



Must have a spot to park the car!


Time for some Charlie Brown!


What’s remaining of the couch for me to sit on.  Yay for chaise longes!  Apparently it needs to stay this way, so Sofia can show off her fort to Daddy.  She’s so proud, I couldn’t say no.  Love my girl!

Now to persuade her to change into pants and not a dress for the day.  It won’t be as easy as putting up the fort.  My little girl has a supreme hate-on for pants at the moment, and only likes skirts and dresses.  Normally I don’t mind her wearing them, but it’s fairly cold out today.  Well, off we go…wish me luck!