..Sofiaisms, Walks, Parks, and.. Sharks?..

We have a lot of conversations on our walks.  A lot.  Honestly, half the time I can’t understand half of them.  Sofia has her own little language and stories and we discuss what seems like a million topics at once.  We go through them so quickly I have trouble keeping up some times.  Add in Gabriel, whatever he’s doing (which is mainly whining from budding teeth lately) and I’m completely lost!

Lately conversation has focused primarily on sharks.  I don’t understand why either.  We don’t live by them, or even remotely close to the ocean.  Either way, it’s an amusing topic that creates a lot of laughter and discussion.

The first time sharks entered the conversation was while walking home from a small park in the neighborhood next to us earlier this month.  We happened to see a bunny sitting on someone’s lawn, completely not moving and continued camping out even after we walked by.  Of course Sofia was excited and immediately wanted to approach it.. Continue reading


..Sofiaisms, it’s all about poo..

It pretty much literally is as the title says.   I swear, one thing I never thought would happen before becoming a parent was the constant talk of dirty diapers… did he poop?  How much?  When was the last one?  Is it all over?  So gross, yet pretty funny at the same time.  Also never thought I’d talk so much about sleeping either.  Or eating. Or how tired I am.  Did I mention how tired I am?!  Of course it’s times like this when I reflect back to Sofia as a baby and how easy of a sleeper she was.  Ohhhh, the good ol’ days.  Why do babies have to be so different? In case you haven’t picked up on that, Gabe is a crap night sleeper.  He’ll start sleeping longer stretches and then it goes back to 2-3 hours.  Then the one time I get 5 hours straight, I feel more tired because I’m not used to the extra sleep.  Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

It’s been awhile since I last posted and I’m finding it difficult to know what to write about (you know, besides poop and the tiredness :P).  I haven’t been in the best of head spaces lately, battling some depression again and starting to hibernate at home a lot.  I know it’s important to get out and do things, but some days just getting dressed is a major task.  Never mind doing my hair/makeup, getting Gabe set up to go out, and Mya organized.  I’d just rather not bother.  The best days are the Fridays Jordan is home and he can take over for a bit.  Some days just changing Gabriel’s diaper is a challenge for me.  Add in Sofia to that mix in the evenings and I’m exhausted and overwhelmed.  It’s honestly a good thing she’s older as it would be a million times harder if she were a toddler.  I swear some days she cries more than the baby does.

But we continue on…just try to take each day as it comes and not look too far ahead.  It’s a challenge but I’m working on it…

Farting in the bathroom..

Hahaha, I’m just like brother!!!

Farting in public..

I farted.  It’s okay, Mom, people do that.  If it smells bad just don’t breathe it.

On forgetting..

I don’t forget cause I think every day!

The stubborn factor..

I want to do lots of things, just not what you want.

Ohhh, so funny..

It’s funny to you but not to me.

Size matters..

My brother is soooo fun.  And so heavy.  SOOO heavy.  I can’t even push him!

..Sofiaisms, it's all about poo..


..Sofiaisms, oh the baby..

It’s been an interesting few weeks in our household now that Gabriel has arrived.  Life as we know it will never be the same!  In both good ways and bad.  The good: having two healthy children and loving both of them.  The bad: the crying. Ohhhhh, the crying.  And not just from Gabe either.  Did I mention the meltdowns too?!  Ugh, just thinking of it makes me tired.  Every morning and night it seems.  I’m trying to wait patiently for the day it gets better, cause it does.  Right?  Things would be better if Sofia didn’t think we stopped loving her when Gabriel was born.  Throwing off our usual routine has really made for a tough life for her, but we’re trying.  We’re constantly telling her that we love her and things will get better.  I feel bad and I KNOW I’m not there for her as much as I used to be, but it’s impossible to be when I have a newborn attached to me every waking moment it seems.

 Which brings us to our post for today…

On feedings..

Mom, why do babies feed from boobies?  Is my brother done eating yet?

Older kids..

Why can’t older kids eat from boobies?  I think it would be really good!!

Looking an old photo of the three of us..

Remember when it was just us three?

My response… remember when your brother was born and it became the four of us?

Fun diaper changes..

DID HE POOP???  I want to come see the poop!

On names..

My brother’s name is Gabri-elle.

Try saying it Gab-ri-el.


..Sofiaisms, oh the baby..

..Sofiaisms, on the baby..

..Sofiaisms, Happy Friday!..

It’s Friday and I’m feeling good today!  Jordan is off work so we’re going to finish cleaning up our pile of  old laminate/carpet in the backyard (you know, before it snows on Sunday, cause that would be fun disposing of wet smelly carpet), do a little shopping and enjoy the day.  I’m trying to keep busy but not overdo things either.  Spent most of yesterday reorganizing and cleaning the main floor and I’m LOVING how it looks now.   Just needs some artwork and pictures hung up on the walls and we’re done!  SO happy to finally have one project on our list complete.  Next up, finally the baby room…?  One can only hope…

Kissing the baby…

Mom, I was kissing the baby, not you you know.  I’ve given you thousands of kisses already.

On the future…

When the baby comes out will you still love me?  Don’t forget about Mya.  Will you still be my Mom when I grow up?


I forgot I was a kid.  Tell me why again?

On music…

What do you mean you don’t like ALL the music, Mom?

Sing it sister…

It’s Sofia.  S.O.F.I.A.  Hey hey!

..Sofiaisms, Happy Friday..

..Sofiaisms, day fourteen..

Life has been fairly busy as of late.  Took off for a week to Vancouver with Jordan and Sofia, which was soooo much fun and right after Sofia started kindergarten (posts to hopefully come soon!!).  Been attempting to clean out our spare bedroom (or ‘hoard room’ as I affectionately have coined it).  It’s basically our junk room, full of baby stuff, old bills, school stuff, you name it, all pilled in one place) so I can get it ready for our newest addition.  It’s been a LOT of work and am finding it tough to focus on it during the work week, with being tired and all, and weekends are NOT long enough.  PLUS, we’re hoping to put in new flooring before the end of October.


There’s just not enough time in the day. Can I have a nap now?!

Here are some fun updates from the mouth of Fi…

When sneezing…

Bless you, me

When asked to put on underwear…

How ’bout you wear mine and I wear yours?!

Dad…Sofia, can you hear me?

No cause I’m talking!

Thoughts on helping put my shoes on when I’m massively pregnant…

Oh, she knows how!!


I don’t want a chocolate muffin. It will make my hands dirty and I just cleaned them. But I’m still hungry

I’m clean!!…

My hands are clean. I cleaned them with Mya’s mouth

On the future…

Will you still be my mom when I’m older?

..Sofiaisms, day fourteen..

..My Proudest Day..

I can’t help but want to share my proud Mommy moment from last night. It’s been a looong road and I feel like we’re finally getting somewhere.

Long story short: Sofia used to HATE water. As in would scream, thrash, howl, you name it when it came to baths, sprinklers, pools, or anything to do with water and it splashing you in the face. Bathing was always the worst and I dreaded them (didn’t help that when she was 2 she pooped in the tub, I freaked, thus traumatizing her from potty training, pooping, and having baths). It was awful.  Good parenting, I know, but there was poop, it surprised me, and instinct set in.

Last summer we put her in swimming lessons for the first time. For most of the session she’d sit on the pool steps, refuse to enter the water, and would ignore the instructor. It was frustrating. By the end she would ‘kind of go’ in, but we had to buy her goggles for her eyes or she wouldn’t budge.

In the fall we put her back in swimming, again in the same class as we didn’t think she was ready to advance. Things were better, she was still apprehensive about the water and splashing, but wasn’t stationed on the steps all class and she participated the entire time. We were so proud.

Yesterday was our first trip back to the pool since last Fall. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was hoping for the best. WOW, she was like a whole other person! Jumping around in the water, splashing, dunking her head, floating, it was incredible!! Couldn’t believe this was the same girl who had been afraid. One of the other moms even commented to me on how much fun DD was having. I almost cried with pride!! She still wears her goggles, but it’s a small price to pay for her confidence in the water. She usually avoids the showers after swimming and yesterday she went under that as well!! She had pinkie promised me she would and went right under it after class.  She even remarked later that it wasn’t so bad.

Later on at home, after exploding with happiness to her Dad (and showing us exactly how to play fishie-in-the-water) she was so excited I had a tough time putting her to bed, she just wanted to talk and talk about swimming and what she did and the fun she had. My heart was literally swelling at the sound of her joy!  I wanted to shout out to everyone around us how proud I was/am.  It makes me so happy to know that she’s happy and feels secure in the water.  I’ve been afraid of water my whole life, so I understand where she’s coming from (and likely where she got it from!!!) and I hope, hope, hope it doesn’t hinder her in life like it has in mine.

..My Proudest Day..

..Sofiaisms, day thirteen..

It’s been awhile since I updated a Sofiaism post.  I figure today is as good a day as any!  I won’t lie, since finding out about the pregnancy my scorekeeping of Sofia’s sayings has taken a major hit.  It’s kind of sad, but most of the time I’m too tired to whip out my phone and jot something down.  Or I forget what it was minutes later.  The joys of preggo brain!  Never mind being brain dead at work, I’m at home too (poor kid!).  Although there are SOME advantages to being pregnant, and these include:

  • I can blame things on the baby.  Like, IT wanted another glazed donut, NOT ME!  I can’t deny my unborn.
  • No more use to suck in the gut.  Just let it hang loose.  Never felt so free!
  • Excuse to lay down at work and sleep at lunch.  Only downfall, I cannot do this at my desk.
  • Free to eat what I want, when I want.
  • Comfy mat pants (for now at least 😉 )

Anyway, I digress.  It’s been a tiring two months but starting to get some energy back now, though I tell you it’s difficult some days with an active preschooler and full time work.  By the time dinner is over and I put Sofia to sleep, I’m ready for bed myself.  I may not go to sleep right away, but the temptation is there…

Running in the park…

I just want to SCREAM!

After analyzing a razor and asking what it’s used for…

Mom, I have hair on my legs.  I’m serious!!  I do.

On bathrooms…

The big bathroom are for girls and boys.  Sometimes Daddy uses it to shower, brush his hair, and cut his nails.

On ‘monkey-rides’ or as we call them, piggyback rides…

It’s easy Mom, you just put me on your back and I say, ‘giddy up horsey!’.  Like that!  See?

..Sofiaisms, day thirteen..