Today I long for..

My baby boy’s hairs back.  Now he looks like a big boy and I can no longer play with his soft locks.  The mullet is now gone but so is my baby..

Sofia’s innocence back.  She can now read and have real conversations and opinions and while it’s good, it just means she’s growing up.  And fast.  And I’m not ready!

To snuggle my boy, nuzzle my nose into his hair and breath in his baby scent.. instead it’s 2 seconds of hugs and.. sorry Mom, there are microwave buttons I need to push and a toilet to bathe in. Let’s save that hug for another time, ok?

The last year back.  Maternity leave, while stressful in it’s own way, was so much fun and I enjoyed being off with my kids.  This summer will not be the same.

A time when life wasn’t full of responsibilities, routine, meal planning and bills.  Would be nice to just let loose, not worry about financial ramifications, waking up tired and feeling like an old cranky lady.  Even a slight sleep-in would be delightful.

But alas..time continues chugging on..



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