..Sofiaisms, Walks, Parks, and.. Sharks?..

We have a lot of conversations on our walks.  A lot.  Honestly, half the time I can’t understand half of them.  Sofia has her own little language and stories and we discuss what seems like a million topics at once.  We go through them so quickly I have trouble keeping up some times.  Add in Gabriel, whatever he’s doing (which is mainly whining from budding teeth lately) and I’m completely lost!

Lately conversation has focused primarily on sharks.  I don’t understand why either.  We don’t live by them, or even remotely close to the ocean.  Either way, it’s an amusing topic that creates a lot of laughter and discussion.

The first time sharks entered the conversation was while walking home from a small park in the neighborhood next to us earlier this month.  We happened to see a bunny sitting on someone’s lawn, completely not moving and continued camping out even after we walked by.  Of course Sofia was excited and immediately wanted to approach it..

S: I really want to pet the bunny!!

Me: You can’t, he’s wild and doesn’t like that

S: How come he doesn’t like it?

Me: Because he’s afraid of people

S: Like sharks?  My Dad says sharks are afraid of people

 I really hope Dad isn’t lying, Sofia!!

..Sofiaisms, Walks, Parks, and.. Sharks?..

The next time sharks came up we walking to meet up with a friend and her baby.  The plan was to walk to the lake and check it out as, despite living here my whole life, I’ve never been.  Apparently there were some concerns regarding the lake and it’s contents..

S: Can we swim in the lake?

Me: No, we’re not allowed

S: How come?  Are there sharks?  I’m afraid of sharks.  I don’t want them to bite me

I imagine we’ll be having another discussion on sharks seeing as we’ll be travelling to the ocean soon.  That should be fun!  I just hope she’ll actually go IN the water this year.  And luckily there aren’t any sharks to be worried about where we’ll be…  But never fear, if there’s any anxiety on her part I’ll just bribe with some gum and all will be fine.  Yes, I’m also that mom, the one who uses junk as leverage.  Guilty as charged.


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