..Sofiaisms, Happy Friday!..

It’s Friday and I’m feeling good today!  Jordan is off work so we’re going to finish cleaning up our pile of  old laminate/carpet in the backyard (you know, before it snows on Sunday, cause that would be fun disposing of wet smelly carpet), do a little shopping and enjoy the day.  I’m trying to keep busy but not overdo things either.  Spent most of yesterday reorganizing and cleaning the main floor and I’m LOVING how it looks now.   Just needs some artwork and pictures hung up on the walls and we’re done!  SO happy to finally have one project on our list complete.  Next up, finally the baby room…?  One can only hope…

Kissing the baby…

Mom, I was kissing the baby, not you you know.  I’ve given you thousands of kisses already.

On the future…

When the baby comes out will you still love me?  Don’t forget about Mya.  Will you still be my Mom when I grow up?


I forgot I was a kid.  Tell me why again?

On music…

What do you mean you don’t like ALL the music, Mom?

Sing it sister…

It’s Sofia.  S.O.F.I.A.  Hey hey!

..Sofiaisms, Happy Friday..


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