..Sofiaisms, day fourteen..

Life has been fairly busy as of late.  Took off for a week to Vancouver with Jordan and Sofia, which was soooo much fun and right after Sofia started kindergarten (posts to hopefully come soon!!).  Been attempting to clean out our spare bedroom (or ‘hoard room’ as I affectionately have coined it).  It’s basically our junk room, full of baby stuff, old bills, school stuff, you name it, all pilled in one place) so I can get it ready for our newest addition.  It’s been a LOT of work and am finding it tough to focus on it during the work week, with being tired and all, and weekends are NOT long enough.  PLUS, we’re hoping to put in new flooring before the end of October.


There’s just not enough time in the day. Can I have a nap now?!

Here are some fun updates from the mouth of Fi…

When sneezing…

Bless you, me

When asked to put on underwear…

How ’bout you wear mine and I wear yours?!

Dad…Sofia, can you hear me?

No cause I’m talking!

Thoughts on helping put my shoes on when I’m massively pregnant…

Oh, she knows how!!


I don’t want a chocolate muffin. It will make my hands dirty and I just cleaned them. But I’m still hungry

I’m clean!!…

My hands are clean. I cleaned them with Mya’s mouth

On the future…

Will you still be my mom when I’m older?

..Sofiaisms, day fourteen..


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