..Donuts! Banana Bread! I’m in trouble..

I know what you’re thinking, two posts in two days after weeks of nothing??  She must be feeling better!  Wish I could say this was true, but alas, I still feel nauseated, tired, and thirsty all.the.time.  Which, while irritating in itself, is comforting to know that things are progressing (hopefully anyway, since our first ultrasound isn’t until the end of the month).

At any rate, yesterday I had posted and briefly mentioned a new-found love for donuts.  Not just any donuts either!  They’ve got to be glazed.  Glazed…glazed…and more glazed.  Mmm, yum.  And so so fattening!  I have one of these delicious treats AT LEAST once a day.  Don’t judge me!  It’s yummy.

Knowing what I do about nutrition and how donuts are made was making feel a tad bit guilty about my food choice, so I decided to bake some banana bread yesterday to possibly stop this daily urge of mine.  I thought, put some cinnamon sugar on top to give it a sweet taste and all would be good.  Uhhhh…

Yeah….no.  Still have the urge to eat donuts.  But now also want many many pieces of banana bread.  Together.  With lots of butter.  Oy.

I have such a problem.

..Donuts!  Banana Bread!  I'm in trouble..

At least I have one justification with this debacle of mine: I can say the baby made me do it.  And if the baby wants it, the baby will get it.  Just so happens to provide me happiness at the same time.  It’s a win-win situation.

Right?!  Right.


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