..Sofiaisms, the big sister..

So as many of you have probably noticed, well at least I’d like to think that you have, I haven’t been blogging as often as I once used to.  As in none at all.  I mean, after ALL my counting down I have yet to blog about our trip to Sasquatch!  Just been too tired and sick to write.  Why’s that?  Well, we finally decided to come ‘out of the closest’ and reveal why… mainly because we couldn’t keep it secret any longer and too many people were guessing/finding out/people telling other people in secret – but not really secret.  Know what I mean?  Are you confused yet?

Well, the reason for my tiredness and sickness (aka constant, all day nausea) is this…

..Sofiaisms, the big sister..

That’s right, Sofia’s going to be a big sister!!  It’s exciting and a little scary at the same time.  We’ll be going back to square one again.  All night feedings, no sleep, diaper changes, all with a 5 year old to also take care of.  One word: Frightening!  At least Mya will no longer be a puppy (saving grace?).

At any rate, we’re excited and we’re not the only ones.  Sofia has been talking for ages about being a big sister (before this even came into light) and she’s finally getting her wish!

When we first told Sofia that we were having a baby..

Mom is having a baby!  Today?!?!  No, not today.  Tomorrow?!?!  No no, not for awhile.  Maybe for our fifth birthday.  Oh.  When I’m FIVE?!  And believe me, her facial expression was NOT impressed that this was to be her birthday gift (insert laughter here).

Her first choice of the baby’s gender…

If it’s a girl I will change it to a boy

Sofia on size…

Mom, you’re looking a little fat

Changing her mind…

Mom, will you tell the baby to be a sister?

Cuddling during a movie one night…

I REALLY hope it’s a sister!

When Sofia was in my belly…

When I was in your belly, did you want me to be a girl or a boy?

On baby names…

Sofia, what should we name the baby?  Poopers Mya!  *once again, bad choice on dog nicknames!*

Just to give you a sense of how things are for me right now, this post took over a week for me to write (a week!!  Pre-preggo I used to write posts in under an hour.  Ohhhhh, how I miss those days!).  I apologize if you don’t hear from me too often over the next little while!  I’m probably laying on the couch sleeping, eating doughnuts, or hugging the toilet…


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