..I Will Not Be Defeated..

​W​aking up this morning, after a particularly difficult sleep after a not-so-fun weekend​, I felt defeated.  Tired.  Beaten.  Like I’m just going through the motions as a bystander, watching life pass me by with no control to its outcome.  It’s exhausting feeling like this, and after I read a post on a favourite blog today, I realized it’s time to let go.  Time to live in the moment, a day at a time.  Let go of the drama of life, focus on what’s really important and feel thankful for all I have.  Because I have a lot to be thankful for…
  • the sun shining
  • having a space to plant a vegetable garden
  • cuddling with my puppy before getting up in the morning
  • Sofia asking to be tickled over and over again
  • having friends listen and talk to when I’m having trouble​
  • giving squishy hugs to Sofia and feeling her little arms squish me back
  • ​having a good job to go to
  • hugging Jordan and Sofia telling us how much she likes seeing us together

It’s really the little things that matter… so live today.

Embrace the little things.

Make sure to tell the ones you love that you love them.  Always and forever.

..I Will Not Be Defeated..


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