..Sofiaisms, day twelve..

Sofia’s been on a role lately with her silly stories and comments on anything and everything.  The girl literally never stops talking.  She talks so much it’s almost too difficult to write it all down!  She goes from one thought to another in less than a minute.  The girl’s got skill!

Here are a few of the ones I’ve managed to document…

Pretending there’s tea in a cup, in the tub…

There’s a little bit of tea in it and when you drink it, it’s tasty

Yelling at the rubber ducky…

Float!  Stop falling over and float!  I’M SERIOUS!!

Glasses wearing…

Mom, why you wear your glasses?  You look nicer without them

Tucking her skirt into her skirt…

It looks pretty this way, like a dress.  Why everyone ask me why I tuck it in?  Why you tuck it in Sofia?!  [exasperated sigh]

All the muffins went moldy…

It’s ok Mom, Mya did it


I must wear a cape and scare people.  It’s my destiny!



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