..Sofiaisms, Mother’s Day edition..

It’s hard to believe that almost five years ago this month we became pregnant with our little Fia girl.  It was the biggest and most unexpected surprise I’ve ever encountered in my life, and if you know me, you know I like surprises but I’m impatient and pretty much always figure out what’s going on.  This time, I had no clue.

A million feelings and thoughts ran through our heads the day we found out, June 11, and I will never forget it.  Little did I know that our little surprise would be such a blessing to us.  She has since changed our lives in such a way I can’t even explain.  We grew up.  Jordan found his career passion.  Things weren’t the same any more, but it would be alright.  Parenting has a way of changing the way you look at life and the world and once you have that little bundle of joy in your arms, you never look back.

Parenting isn’t easy, it’s probably the hardest job you’ll ever do.  Once your little baby arrives it’s suddenly your responsibility to feed, nurture, care for, and love and it’s hard; but rewarding.  The first time they talk, call your name, laugh, hold your finger, walk, run and give you a hug – it’s amazing the amount of pride and love you feel at those moments!  It’s difficult to believe you can love another being so much and want to do anything for that person.  It’s pretty incredible.

This was my fourth Mother’s Day and I’ve come to realize I don’t need big presents or tons of attention drawn to me.  I just want to spend time with the ones that I love.  You shouldn’t need one day a year to tell someone how much they mean to you, we should be doing it every day.

So today I spent the morning grocery shopping at 8am, which I tell you is the best thing ever!  No lineups, no fighting for aisle space, it was glorious!  I was done in under 30 minutes.  I then managed to cleaned my fridge and put everything away by 9:15 and then I realized I was still the only one up.  Both Jordan and Sofia were still snoozing away upstairs.  I won’t lie, this felt pretty awesome!  Sofia pretty much never sleeps in this late any more, so this was quite a treat!  Everyone was up by 9:30, so I whipped up some pancakes for breakfast and then we drove Jordan to work.  He unfortunately had to work all afternoon, so it was just Fia girl and myself facing the day.

We made our first stop at Grandma Colette’s house, then out for a late lunch with my parents, and some shopping with my Mom.  It was a tiring day, but we had so much fun together.  Well, that and Sofia and I butted heads a few times.  Raising a preschooler is interesting   One minute everything is fine, the next she’s having a meltdown.  Never really sure when the next one’s coming, but it’s always right around the corner.  All I have to say is, I’m not sure where she’s getting her stubbornness from, but it’s definitely not me… 😉 And despite that, I love her.  More than words can say.

..Sofiaisms, Mother's Day edition..

..Sofiaisms, Mother's Day edition..

Not listening…

It’s Mother’s Day today Mom, you need to listen to ME!

Open your ears and listen…

I don’t know how to open my ears Mom.  I’m serious.

Caught turning on her humidifier without permission…

I can do what I want, if I want, Mom!


Are you listening to my words?  I don’t think you are.

Kitchen lady…

I don’t want to call you Kitchen lady any more Mom.  I want to call you Kitchen Princess.

..Sofiaisms, Mother's Day edition..


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