..Sofiaisms, the sickness prevails..

The last few Sofia posts (here and here) we were battling crazy colds that wouldn’t take a hike.  It seems the colds have decided to leave and a virus take over instead.  You know, because one sickness just wasn’t enough for us.  The only difference this time around is that the weather has taken a nice turn.  I mean, real nice.  July nice.

..Sofiaisms, the sickness prevails..

Yes, we have our air conditioning set up in our room already.  It’s glorious!  Of course this wonderfully warm day was the worst for Sofia.  The fever started late Saturday night and continued until early Monday morning, ranging in the 39-40 degree ranges.  It involved negotiations to take tylenol, eat popsicles, and apply a cool face cloth and she wanted nothing to do with any of these things.  It was torture trying to administer anything.  Luckily she did keep drinking water, which was vital in keeping her hydrated.  The only thing I was able to convince her to do was take a bath, until she realized the bath didn’t feel great on her skin.   Oh, and sleep as well, which is a rarity in our house.  Sofia will NEVER voluntarily take a nap or just go to bed.  Never in a million years.  It likely won’t happen again for a very long time.

IM..Sofiaisms, the sickness prevails..

A couple times on Sunday I began to wonder if she should go to the hospital. She would wake up disoriented, not knowing where she was, and would scream and cry uncontrollably.  I had to hold her tight against me, which is tough when your kid is hot like an oven (Sofia was even blowing on her skin to cool it down, she was so hot).  It was tiring and a little scary at times, for all of us.  I think even Mya was exhausted as she was unbelievably good for me on Sunday.  Oh, did I mention that Jordan worked all Sunday as well?  So it was just me and Sofia and the virus.  Fun times.

Mom, I feel like I’m melting

I will have to say, despite feeling awful, the girl didn’t forget about my promise to plant our sunflower.  Last year my Mother-In-Law gave us a sunflower pellet from The Enjoy Centre and I figured it was time to finally grow it.  On Friday I promised we would do some planting while Dad was at work on Sunday, so low-and-behold while in her feverish stupor Sofia begged to help me.  It was difficult for her to be outside for too long with the heat, but we huddled in what little shade my front lawn provided and made it work.

..Sofiaisms, the sickness prevails..

..Sofiaisms, the sickness prevails..

..Sofiaisms, the sickness prevails..

We then planted some wildflowers that will apparently produce flowers by the time Fall comes around.  One come only hope they bloom sooner, but who knows?  I’ve also had these seeds for a long time, so time will tell.  Regardless, it will be fun to take care of our plants together, she’s quite excited to see how they turn out.

..Sofiaisms, the sickness prevails..

Sick and crying..

Sometimes when you’re sick you cry

Jordan stayed home with Sofia and got to watch my little pony all day.

Asked him if he is now in love with the show…

Actually he’s in love with you!!

Who’s more fun to stay home with…

Mommy, but Daddy’s number two.

Still has her sense of humor…

I think my nose is running

Well let’s go downstairs and see if we can catch it

Oh Mom, that was funny

I’m very happy to announce that Sofia is finally coming around and feeling better.  She’s still more tired than usual and irritable  but hopefully by the weekend she’ll be back to normal again, just in time for Mother’s Day!!


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