..The Car Show..

Jordan and I have a yearly tradition of checking out the Motorshow when it comes to town. We’ve been going since the year we started going out, so 10 years ago! We haven’t gone consecutively for the last ten years but pretty close to it. We like to check out the new models and dream about the car(s) we’d buy if we had the money. This year my favourite was the Kia Sorrento. It has hidden seating for 7, so just in case we decide to have that third kid, we’d be set. PLUS, it’s still really an SUV as Jordan refuses to never buy a minivan. Bonus! Can you tell that I’m a Mom? How things have changed.

We had a good time at the show. It was pretty busy but we still managed to sit in tons of the cars, Sofia included. She had a blast sitting in the drivers side pretending to drive somewhere. Her excitement did evaporate over time when she noticed people were eating popcorn and she didn’t have any. We denied food at the show though, as prices were outrageous ($7 for a smokie!!). Luckily she forgot about it soon after leaving.

..The Car Show..

We took Sofia with us and she had some choice words over the title we gave her of car show…

Where is the car show?? You said it was a show, not to look!

Definitely dragons…

We’re going to a car show? Are they real ones [the cars] or fake? They must be dragon ones.

After visiting the washroom…

Is there dragons in there? Or is it just a bathroom?

..Sofiaisms, those crazy colds..

After leaving the car show we stopped off at Safeway (to make it look like we had actually parked there to go grocery shopping and NOT to trek over to Northlands) and when we were leaving the balloon Sofia was given flew away. I tried chasing it down but the cool April breeze took it right away. If only it hadn’t been full of helium, I may have had a chance! Sofia was NOT a happy camper and promptly burst into convulsing sobs. Time to go home! Thankfully we had left at a great time and didn’t encounter said tantrum at the car show. It would have been really awful as the line to buy tickets was miles long when we were leaving. Going at opening time sure pays off!


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