..Sofiaisms, those crazy colds..

You read right, colds. Sofia and I have both been battling them all weekend. Well, Sofia has been battling hers since last week and has now graciously passed it on to me. It’s lovely, just in time for work on Monday. Hoping I don’t get the fever that accompanied Sofia’s as that would throw a wrench into my current training schedule. My cheeks are currently flaming red and warm, but that could be due to our inconsiderate neighbour and her music; however, that’s a whole other problem I’d rather not discuss.

As we all know, having a cold comes with some awful symptoms like runny nose, fever, coughing, sniffling and red noses. Now add a four and 31 year old to the mix, and you get…

..Sofiaisms, those crazy colds..

[Quick disclosure, some of these are quite gross, but I couldn’t resist the humor…]

Sofia sniffling and snorting…

Mom! I’m sneezing on the inside!

After falling asleep on the car ride home…

I’m not sleeping, the sun made me close my eyes!

Sniffling 101…

Dad, when I sniff the boogies go down my throat


Mom you aren’t coughing, but you wiiiiiillllll!

Sofia asked me how my cold was, I answered that I have a sore throat…

Haha, I don’t!!

After pulling out 20 tissues at once and asked to lay off the Kleenex…

But there’s still boogers!

The lengths she’ll go to wear a dress, even when it’s cold and she’s sick…

I’ll wear pants AND a dress!

..Sofiaisms, those crazy colds..

As a reminder people, always always wash your hands when your loved one is sick. If not, the germs will eventually permeate themselves to you and set up shop. Never a fun time. And always keep a box of Kleenex with you at all times. This is key.

..Sofiaisms, those crazy colds..

Keep happy and healthy everyone!


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