..Me, Myself, and I..

Everyone has their quirks, their likes, dislikes, pet peeves and guilty pleasures. Myself included. After posting about The Little Things I got to thinking about myself and the little things I like and perform on a daily basis. I started writing things down and there are surprisingly… a lot! I just kept thinking and writing and came up with these…

  • I love learning about new things, people, and past events. Whether its my family history, famous people, or world events, I find it interesting. While I was off work, I would google everything. I read tidbits on Marilyn Monroe’s life, read about the three hockey players who died in 2011 (Derek Boogaard, Rick Rypien and Wade Belak) – how they died, teams they played for, you name it. I searched different countries and cities, learning where they were located, what their populations were, any kind of information I could find that sparked my interest. I read about the Salem Witch Hunts and why you should NOT wear a denim jacket with jean pants. No, no, no. Unless you want to be caught wearing a Canadian Tuxedo, then by all means, go ahead. I learned about religion… Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, Orthodox Judaism Paganism, you name it. So interesting! I spent WAY too much time online, but I learned a lot.
  • LOVE looking at license plates on vehicles. On a typical day, I will search for out of province plates, trying to guess where they’re coming from if I don’t recognize the location right away. Sometimes I will question it too, especially plates from sunny, southern states. If you’re from Arizona, why would you want to come here? In winter? Just a general wondering… I mainly enjoy the funny plates and trying to decipher what they mean. Like this one: MOR CWBL. Ohhhh man, I almost want this one! It’s also something Jordan and I have done together since we started going out. One day we just started pointing them out to each other and now it’s like second nature. I like that it’s a quirk we share with each other.
  • I am fascinated with ‘mini’ things. I currently have a Kobo mini and an iPad mini that I use on a daily basis. They’re just so cute and little and easy to carry around. I can stuff both my Kobo and iPad, along with my lunch, wallet, and other assorted essentials into my purse and have room to spare (not much, but some!). Not sure why I like mini things so much, perhaps it stems from being short my whole life and being able to fit into most compact spaces. I mean, let’s be honest, how awesome is that?!


  • I hate socks. HATE them. Once the bitter cold and snow have somewhat cleared up, all bets are off. I will go sock-less in my shoes. I don’t care if my feet are smelly, although I do apologize, but I just stand them! We go almost, eight months is it this year(?!?!) having to wear chunky winter boots, wrapping up our feet so they don’t freeze off, it’s about time we let them air out and get some sun. Or at least let them touch the inside of my shoe. It’s only fair!
  • Just a slight continuation from a previous point, but I LOVE my Kobo. I enjoy having tons of books at my disposal at any time. And when I say tons, I may be referring to about 60 books. Maybe. At least I have a few options.
  • Also have a big soft spot for my Apple products. We own Apple TV, both have iPhones and now have an iPad. All we’re missing in a Mac computer and we’re set. They’re really handy to have around as you can sync all your devices together. I can write something on my notepad on my phone and it will be accessible on my iPad. We can play music from our phone directly onto our tv. So handy and dependable! Not to mention, I enjoy having a camera and my Instagram account at my constant disposal, much to my family’s dismay I’m sure!


  • I’m obsessed with counting down to life events. Last Fall I had countdowns going on for when I was booked to have surgery, Christmas, my birthday, another medical procedure, you name it! Right now I’m counting down until the Sasquatch Festival in May (only 34 more days!!). I get teased about my countdowns quite a bit, but it doesn’t phase me. It’s fun to see the days go by and really builds up more excitement for whatever I have planned (and yes, surgery was kind of exciting to see coming as it was an end to a long 7 year battle). There’s even an app for that! 😉
  • I’m super duper excited for Target to come here. As in, if I knew it’s exact opening day I would likely have a countdown going on counting down the days. It’s pretty silly.
  • I’m super uptight about where things go and how they’re organized, specifically in the kitchen and my desk at work. I have things arranged in such a way at work that I know if someone’s been at my desk by how items look. I just like things to look a certain way, I cannot explain it. We once had a fire drill that caused me to leave my desk in disarray. It happened at the end of the day, so our boss let everyone in the office go home early. We weren’t able to enter back into the building so I jumped on the bus to go home. The thought of my desk being messy gnawed on my mind so much, I could barely sleep that night. I’m pretty sure that’s not normal.
  • Last, but not least…I JUST learned what the term ‘smut’ means in relation to books. And it’s not referring to a type of fungus either. I don’t always pay attention…



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