..The Little Things..

A friend’s recent Facebook post got me thinking about the things in life that make us happy. Just the little things, like someone opening a door for you or a stranger saying ‘good morning’ and smiling as they pass by. I think we’re often so busy, stressed, and distracted we don’t take the time to see these things and really appreciate their greatness.

I decided to write out a list of the things that make me happy. Most of these are the feelings I’ve been experiencing lately and events I’ve gone through in the past few days.

What inspires you to smile on a day-to-day basis?

  • Green grass sprouting and snow melting away.
  • The sun shining!
  • Smell of freshly brewed coffee.
  • No longer wearing winter boots.
  • Going a step further and wearing no socks with my shoes!
  • The sound of children’s laughter (I may be biased, but Sofia’s laugh is the most contagious giggle I’ve ever heard!)
  • Mya sleeping like a person, with her head on the pillow and body under the sheets


  • Going to bed early and waking up feeling refreshed.
  • Not having to drive myself home during rush hour traffic.
  • Chatting with my bus friends.
  • The smell after it rains.
  • Sunscreen!
  • Discovering Sofia has been on my twitter and her recent tweet has been shared to others.


  • Giggle fests over nothing.
  • Joking around with my new coworkers and boy, can we have some pretty silly conversations. It’s such a fun atmosphere!
  • Reading magazines on my iPad. It just makes me happy.
  • Looking through old photos and reminiscing about good times with friends and family.
  • The smell of a swimming pool.
  • Milk chocolate peanut butter. With pretzels. Or spread on waffles. Or eaten directly out of the jar.


  • Getting addicted to a new book or series.
  • Hearing Sofia yell and run for me when I get home from work. It’s the best sound in the world.
  • Meeting old colleagues for lunch and catching up.
  • Listening to Mya snore and chase in her sleep.
  • Going through old school books from classes you really enjoyed.
  • The smell of baby powder.


  • Hugging my little girl and feeling her arms tight around my neck. BEST feeling in the world!
  • Hearing Sofia whisper that she loves us, always and forever. And Mya too. And everyone she knows. And herself too.
  • Finding a funny or quirky license plate and telling Jordan about it.
  • Dancing for no reason….to New Kids On The Block…and any other tune Sofia has chosen as her song of the day.
  • Getting messages from friends and family.
  • Knowing that tomorrow is a new day and we can start all over again…


Sofia, inspecting my outfit as I’m getting dressed in the morning, criticising why I decided to wear my suede boots to work…

But you can’t jump in any puddles with ‘dos!!


2 thoughts on “..The Little Things..

  1. Caroline Trischuk says:


    Love the little things….especially seeing that you love little things and what is important in your day!!!!

    Good to see!! Blessing to you and the family!! ct

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