..Sofiaisms, day ten..

We’ve hit double-digits! I’ll honestly say, I wasn’t sure if I would make it this far with my blogging, especially with returning to work. The last time I blogged I ended up quitting as there wasn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. Although, at the time I DID have a nine month old to contend with, plus a full-time job, and a puppy. Oh! And a husband in school. At least this time around Jordan is a working man, and both Mya and Sofia are older so I get more time to myself . That is, if “me time” actually qualifies as time spent making my lunch, tidying the house, and going to bed uber early – it doesn’t mean much. Jordan actually joked this past weekend that he can tell that I’m back to working as I’m going to bed much earlier now, as in 9:30/10, even on weekends! Yup, I’m THAT person now. Gone are the days of staying up til midnight, getting up early, and being fresh as a daisy. I’m 31 now, let’s be honest, those days are over! It’s a hardship I’ve had to accept and I’m giving in to the tiredness.

That being said, I started a new book series this weekend, The Lying Game by Sara Shepard, and cannot put it down. I started the first book Sunday night and read somewhat continuously until Monday night (as much as you can while working and bowling), stayed up WAY too late both nights, and finished before bed Monday. I have to say, it’s definitely not a smart idea to start a new book series at the beginning of the work week. Now I just want to curl up on the couch and power read all day. My motivation to sit at work is zilch right now, but I’m powering through…and looking forward to the long bus ride home! Well, except for today, as I’m quite convinced that Tuesday is disguising itself as Monday just to get me. I dropped and shattered my ceramic coffee mug while waiting for the bus this morning (luckily there were no children around as the explicits were flying. I had barely started my coffee!!), then realized I left my trusty Kobo on my nightstand in my room. And to top it off, it was bloody cold out again and I am wearing no socks (by choice however, I refuse!). But that’s a whole other blog post…


Now I’m just blabbering and venturing off course. Here are some quips Sofia has spouted over the last while. She’s quite the ball, I tell you…

While cuddling on the couch after dinner Monday night…

Mommy, I miss you really really really really really lots

Just an observation…

On the weekend you cleaned, then played, and then you were tired


Doing some math…

1 and 3 together. That makes sense.

After sneezing, looks down at her boogery hand, then up at me…

Wanna eat it??

Discussing dance class on Saturday morning…

[Sigh] I don’t wanna go dancing, it’s too much work.

Just in case you didn’t know…

I farted on you to make you happy.


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