..The Weekend That Was..

Everyone who knows me, knows that I love taking pictures. So much so that my hubby gets annoyed that I always have my iPhone out, snapping away, making him and Sofia pose or asked to repeat their actions. During my two months off from work, I took a total of 1200 pictures (what else am I going to do with my time?!). Now that I’m back to work my picture snapping has taken a considerable nose-dive (although, I’m sure Sofia appreciates it somewhat), so I decided to capture the fun weekend we had with some photos…

Playing with playdough Friday night. Booger or moustache? I’ll let you decide…

20130414-224807.jpg 20130414-224710.jpg

There’s a unicorn playing in our front yard! Rubber boots, a toque and mitts. Only in Alberta!


Snuggling with the Beagle. Such a comfy couch and spot to lay in.

Thankful for chaise lounges on Saturday!


Relaxing with some Netflix. The girl loves herself some My Little Pony these days ­čÖé


Rain or snow, the girl loves riding her bike. Must stop to make some snowballs…


Family photo op. Had to wrangle Mya into the picture, but it worked!


Painting pictures for a special cousin on Sunday.


Best afternoon!

First slurpee of the spring, leftover homemade Italian Wedding soup, and three new peanut butter flavours (bought Sunday afternoon at the Make It event in town – best one so far, Milk Chocolate. ┬áSuper tasty on warm banana nut bread)…



One of the two finished diaper cakes ready to be picked up!  Super happy with how they turned out!


Rebel without a cause at Grandma Colette’s house at dinnertime on Sunday.


After dancing on Saturday morning…

Today we went to home, then dance, then that store and that one and one more. Then I got dirty cause it never stops snowing!!

Singing loudly all weekend…if only it weren’t the truth…

Every day I’m shovelling!

Discussing growing up…

I want to be a doctor princess and a queen

Besides me being in bed by 10pm on both Friday and Saturday nights, the weekend was well spent. The weather may have been a little crazy, one minute snowing, the next sunny and melting, but it didn’t stop us (or rather, Sofia) from enjoying the outdoors. Very thankful we didn’t get the 20cm we had been expecting! Now hoping for a quick and enjoyable week. ┬áCrossing our fingers we have some sun to melt the rest of the snow!


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