..Sofiaisms, day nine..

Some days it’s really tough being a full time working Mom.  I’ve been back to work barely over a week, and I’m already so tired I could use a vacation.  How crazy is that?!

Going from…

  • Getting up around 8am after cuddling together in bed
  • Lazying around in our pjs for a couple hours
  • Taking our time eating breakfast
  • Taking our time eating lunch
  • Watching cartoons and Sofia’s many dance performances
  • Throwing random dance parties in the kitchen
  • Snuggling on the couch with Mya
  • Taking my time making dinner
  • Building forts and reading books in them
  • Baking, cooking, and spending time with Sofia
  • Getting together with friends


  • Getting up at 6:15am, providing alarm was set properly the night before and/or not sleeping through it, or hitting snooze ~60 times
  • Catching the bus at 7am
  • Starting work at 8am
  • Guzzling cups of coffee to try and stimulate the brain to start working
  • Remembering to eat something for breakfast (and something nutritious!)
  • Eating scheduled lunch at noon (again, something nutritious!)
  • Racking my brain to stay awake to make it to 4pm
  • Riding the bus home, tired and cranky, only to get in and scramble to make dinner that doesn’t take over an hour to make (and then only 12 minutes to eat!)
  • Ushering a certain ‘someone’ into pjs, snack, and bed, while trying to spend some quality time together, which (in her opinon, but is probably true) is never enough
  • Making sure lunch is made for the next day and clothes laid out
  • Workout if I can peel myself off the floor
  • Try to get to bed at a decent time and not forgetting to set the alarm

Sounds like a ton of fun, doesn’t it?  It definitely takes some getting used to again.  How did I ever do this?  Clearly my two months off just spoiled me rotten, I’ve forgotten what working life is like.  After all the complaining and tiredness, I will admit there are some perks to not being at home all day…

  • I can talk to adults!  Not that I don’t enjoy my 4 year old, but I don’t always want to pretend to be the baby
  • Building forts.  It’s fun at first, but not right after getting out of bed and before my coffee, and then being yelled at when a pillow just WON”T STAY UP.
  • Sofia needing to be around me 24/7.  And not wanting to play with her toys.  And constantly hanging on Mya, to the point of growling.
  •  Not being subject to the jealousy.  Mya can’t even look at me some days without Sofia causing drama with her meltdowns.
  • Mya barking at animals all day.  I get it.  You saw the bird.  Congratulations!
  • I’m getting paid!  YAY!  Biggest positive EVER.  Not to mention having benefits!  I can get my teeth cleaned now.  Joy.
  • Putting my brain to use again.  I will admit, this is pretty nice!  I like feeling useful and enjoy learning.
  • Being back at the University.  Again, have to admit, I love it there.  Now if only the snow would melt, I would love it more…

I’m sure we’ll soon get back into the swing of things, I won’t be so tired in the evenings, and life will be back to normal.  Life would be boring if things always stayed the same, so we must change things up to keep it interesting!  At least that is what I tell myself.

On that note, let’s venture back to March and the fun we had…

During the hundredth or so hug fest with Mya…

Mya is so so cute.  I love her so so much, I will never get mad at her.  Ever.  Except if she eats my stuffies.

Back in my unemployed days, two minutes after Dad arrived home from work…

Hi Dad, I farted twice today! Don’t worry, it wasn’t in your bed!

Something I never thought I’d hear about chocolate…or cookies…

I can’t eat any more of this cookie. You put too much [chocolate] in it. It makes me dirty.

When asked to clean up the playdough for the fiftieth time…

You just don’t understand me.  I AM!



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