..The Good, The Bad, and The…Baby?..

Monday didn’t start off on the best foot.  Misplaced my earphones, well actually, technically Jordan did but that’s another story, then was rushed getting to the bus stop, where I then discovered it was a balmy -19 outside. Had to grab some gloves to keep my fingers from freezing off. I still refuse to wear anything but my spring jacket though, and I tell you, it was COLD. Not the best way to start my day. Oh, and by the way, it’s almost mid-April, what gives Mother Nature?!?! Snow and cold still?!  NOT OK.

Just excuse the bitterness.


The work day ended up being good, I really enjoy my new job. Learned some new ‘HR techniques’ and whipped through the day. Office was a bit on the quiet side so could have used my earphones to fill the silence. Grr. Miss my lunch buddies, but managed to trudge through the book I’m trying to read. Only 40 pages left!

After work Sofia and I ate dinner with my parents and I ran off to bowling – late once again. I can never seem to keep on time! Was feeling pretty tired and grumpy on the way out tonight, so I decided to plug in the new New Kids On The Block album that I just downloaded. Felt like I was ten years old again, staring up at Joey’s poster on my wall, imaging us together forever. It was magical! There’s just something about music that makes everything better, especially a fun-upbeat song you can’t help but dance to (in the car, while singing along, by myself. Picture that!).

Then I bowled three awesome games, so good that I didn’t beat my average once. Talk about consistent. I blame work and my tiredness. And my earphones being lost. Thankfully I had some yummy tea to keep me awake and good company! Nothing like the love of your team mates to make an awful bowling game better. My iPhone battery died before I left bowling, but thankfully I had my iPad with me and be-bopped my way back home to more New Kids. Immediately filled the car with more singing and distracted dance driving. Would that count, do you think?

Then to end the night, Sofia and I had another chat about babies. Babies you ask? Well, she’s fascinated by the fact she may some day have a baby brother or sister – BUT sister first please. She would like to have a sister to share her stuffies with, read books to, play together, and be best friends with. Not sure if she realizes yet that a baby brother or sister would stick around for life and not come and go as she pleases. Some days Mom and Mya cuddling together sends her into the deep end of jealousy, with tears so loud you’d think she was physically hurt. Also not sure if she thinks it’ll be like Mya, who’s subjected to her every day torture and incessant hugs, kisses, and bossiness, which occasionally ends with an irritated growl, which doesn’t come from the Fia girl’s mouth.

I’m a little afraid. What a way to end a Monday…

I’m going to share my stuffies with the baby. But not my favourite books. Those are mine.

So Monday ended up being a little hiccup-ey, but entertaining as always.  Here’s hoping for a tame Tuesday!


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