..Sofiaisms, back to work edition..

Last week I returned to work. Sofia and I both went through a bit of a transition with getting up early again and getting back into a routine. I think she handled hers better, seeing as she just has to worry about playing with the kids, walking to the bus, and when snack would be served.  Whereas, I had to use my brain and remember collective agreement information I haven’t used in two months. Needless to say, I was exhausted by the end of the week and ready to relax. She, on the other hand, was ready and rearing to go!

When I asked if she missed me…

A little bit I did.  I missed you in the car.  And at lunch.  But not with my friends.

Over the weekend…

Mom, how you get to work?  Can I follow your tracks and be with you?  I’ll take the bus and be with you all day.  It’ll be ok.  I can sit and watch.

Friday morning, looking out at the snow…

I thought it was spring. It was spring yesterday. Where is the grass?

And the kicker…

You’ll be my Mommy forever. Well, until I’m older. OH, I’m just kidding. You’ll always be my Mom.



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