..Sofiaisms, day eight..

Jordan and I both grew up being die-hard Oilers fans.  Both our Dads love the team, so cheering for them pretty much was in our blood. The same can be said for Sofia.  She’s growing up with the blue and orange, and even though most days she doesn’t LOVE watching the game, she has her favourite players.  We took this video the other day as she expressed her love, it was so cute we couldn’t help but send it to the team…

Here are a few more Sofiaisms to tide you over the Easter long weekend.  It’s a super long weekend for us as Jordan is off today and I don’t start work until Tuesday.  Looking forward to some fun, quality family time!  Wishing you all a happy one as well.

Being caught picking her nose…

I’m just doing what you do! [not true, not true at all!]

After going to the SPCA to play with puppies and kitties…

Why are all those puppies getting bought?  I want to play with ‘dem, but dere’s too many people.

One of those times where I’m not sure if she’s ‘playing’ or really serious…

I’m so tired I can’t standle it!  I’m going to nap in my tent.

Going in to the bathroom with Sofia…

‘Dere’s pee on the floor.  Wasn’t me.  I know!  It was Dad!

Talking to herself while playing…

My Mom is going to be my bestest, bestest Mom ever



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