..Sofiaisms, day seven..

Exactly one week to go until I start work.  The countdown begins!  I’m feeling both sad and happy about it, mainly because it will be nice to have some money coming in, but sad that I’ll miss my special one-on-one time with Sofia.  I do think it’s best for her to spend time with her friends though.  She’s too much of a social butterfly to stay home with me all day.

Here are some funnies from the last week or so…

Discussing Mom and Dad’s bed…

I like Dad’s side cause he’s really really big.  You’re just little.

Explaining quiet time…

I was really tired at quiet time.  I fell asleep.

Questioning my choice of footwear from this past weekend…

Why are you wearing those shoes?  It’s not summer!


Defending her sparkly shoes that make her feet stink…

 Mya smelled my shoes and she says they don’t stink

Disapproval of my bedtime attire…

Mom, why you wear those shirts?  You need to wear nightgowns.  That’s what girls wear.

And the best one I’ve heard to date…

Mom, you’re my bestest mama, ever!



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