..Sofiaisms, day six..

My girl seems to be full of quirky things to say lately, it’s difficult to keep track and write them all down in time.  I’m finding by the time I can get to a pen or paper, the thought of what she said has left my brain.  It’s incredibly frustrating.  I do try and keep paper or my phone nearby in case a gooder comes along so I can quickly jot it down.  You have to work fast though!  The girl’s mouth moves way too quickly some days, especially after a sugar fix from Grandma…

My goal is to write a Sofia post at least once a week, but I couldn’t help but share a few more today.  They’re too good to wait until next week!

On babies…

Mom, I’m your baby.  Mya is too.  Dogs and cats and birds can be  your babies.  And tigers.  We’re all your babies.

Play acting one morning while laying in bed…

Close your eyes and pretend to be a wolf.  Scrunch your face like dis.  Oh my gosh, there’s a wolf!!  Who’s going to help me??  Hahaha just kidding, Mom!

Mya and dragons…

I think Mya loves us.  And herself.  And my stuff.  But not my dragon.  Cause it roars.

While holding my face in her hands, tilting my head to hers (while whispering softly)…

Mom, I think you’re old.



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