..Sofiaisms, day five..

Sofia never stops talking from the minute she wakes up, until the minute she goes to sleep.  I’m pretty sure she’s been talking and making noises since she was 4 months old (ok, maybe not talking words, but definitely making sounds and communicating).  She may not have walked until she was 18 months, but you definitely knew she was there!  She’s become such a goof that we’re constantly laughing.  She thinks we’re laughing at her…which I guess in a way we are, but it’s because she’s too cute and funny and not to make fun.  She’s incredibly innocent with the things she says that it almost surprises you…

Inspecting her a taco at Mucho Burrito…

Those guys burn my chicken.  It still good though.  Yum yum!!  It’s so funny I started to laugh.  I like laughing.

Giving hugs at bedtime…

I want to smell your lips.  All I smell is your breath.

Faking it…

Achoo, achoo, achoo.  Fake.  Fake.  Fake.

Vetoing our menu…

I just want cucumbers for lunch.

Critiquing Mom…

You have a big head.  I like your hair though.  I still love you.



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