This morning, as per usual, Sofia was begging me to watch tv and I was being the ‘mean mommy’ and not allowing her.  After a few arguments, she started pulling the blanket we keep on the couch over her head.  Literally minutes later, we were pulling cushions off the couch and laying them out against one of our chairs.  And a fort was built!  You better believe there was an area for her to park her car and for Mya to visit (although Mya just wanted to sabbotage it.  The fort is taking over part of her ‘sleeping spot’ and she’s not too impressed with that).  Such a fun morning!  Was great to see the excitement in Sofia’s face, and hear her little giggles as the fort would fall over and on her.



Must have a spot to park the car!


Time for some Charlie Brown!


What’s remaining of the couch for me to sit on.  Yay for chaise longes!  Apparently it needs to stay this way, so Sofia can show off her fort to Daddy.  She’s so proud, I couldn’t say no.  Love my girl!

Now to persuade her to change into pants and not a dress for the day.  It won’t be as easy as putting up the fort.  My little girl has a supreme hate-on for pants at the moment, and only likes skirts and dresses.  Normally I don’t mind her wearing them, but it’s fairly cold out today.  Well, off we go…wish me luck!


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