..Sofiaisms, day two..

Round two of Sofiaisms!  Boy, do I have some gems for you all today!

While ‘tickling’ Mya’s belly and giving her kisses…

Mom, some puppies don’t have bums.  They poop out of their tails.  And some don’t have legs or arms.  Just bodies.  Right, Mom?  Right?

While on a drive over the weekend… (can you tell where we shop most often?!  Haha!)

You passed my favourite store and didn’t say anything.  It’s Sobeys.  My favourite is Walmart, Superstore, and Sobeys.  I like ‘dem most

When asked why she doesn’t like to listen…

Cause I’m annoying

Trying to get out of timeout…

Mom, I’m 4, I’m not a baby.  I want to be a big girl!!

Complimenting Mom…

You’re almost as cute as a bunny!


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