..Sofiaisms, day one..

Back at Christmas, my friend Shelby and I went shopping and she gave me the idea to keep a journal and write a little in it every day. I gave it some thought, and just before New Years decided to bite the bullet and bought a journal.

Despite writing in dairies since my teenage years, I was a little stumped at first on what to write about. For some reason, it seemed a bit difficult to write about my personal everyday events, so instead, I decided to use it for Sofia. I write down the things she’s said and done that were memorable that day. I’ve been wanting to document her funny sayings any way, so it was perfect timing. Now, I don’t always write everyday, as I tend to slack a little (whoops!), but I do have some good stories and one-liners already! I’m looking forward to putting them into a book one day…

Here are some Sofiaisms that I’d like to share with you…

Shortly after getting up in the morning…

Mom, there’s a beast downstairs eating cookies

Reflecting on when I was in the hospital having surgery…

Remember when you were at the doctor’s? I’m going to give you a sticker for being brave

When she wouldn’t listen to me about getting dressed…

The police are gonna come get you…cause you don’t listen to Sofia Michelle

Picking up my eyelash curler…

Mom, remember this? It tingles your eye and it hurts me. I don’t like the curly thing.


…Stayed tuned for more to come!!


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