Today’s going to be a good day. How do I know? Well, it’s barely 10:30 and…

– Sofia and I threw a dance party to Call Me Maybe, Gangnam Style, and Mumford Sons in the living room. In our pjs.

– We’ve played with tape and wrestled with the tape ripper thingy and decorated our bodies (particularly, our faces).

– Been instructed that its time for my shower, so Sofia can watch a movie (back story here, but I’ve instituted no tv mornings but said she could watch while I showered. I digress).

Mom, I ‘sink its time you showered

– We’ve painted Mya. She didn’t enjoy it but it was enjoyable for us. Well, at least Sofia.


Might I add that we’re still in our pjs?  Yup.  It’s awesome….but will change shortly.  There are some advantages to being at home full time…


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