..Things I Love About Today..

I won’t lie, the last month has been pretty hard on me, with my work contract ending and having trouble finding a new job.  Being at home with Sofia is great, don’t get me wrong, but it’s tough when you’re not bringing enough money in to pay the bills.  And I’m starting to get freaked out.  I decided today that I needed some uplifting, and what better way than to list the little things that I love about today…

– spending the morning painting with my babe and making birthday presents.  It was a lot of fun and a great way to spend quality time together.  She also really liked it cause it meant being stuck to Mama’s hip, and that’s her fav place to be these days :p

– buying UK sweets at Walmart…although, they DO still lack in the Smarties department!!

Blueberry Bliss tea from Teavana.  Best served chilled.  Mmmmm!!  So refreshing.  Can’t wait to combine it with some Strawberry Lemonade for an even tastier drink

– Italian Wedding soup.  One of my all-time favs!  Just love the little meatballs.  I ended up buying some Campbell’s Chunk soups today to satisfy my craving, but this recipe is to die-for!  Will have to make it again soon.

– Lastly, lounging and watching SATC…yes, I’ve watched it almost as much as I’ve watched Friends, but it always brings me back to my happy place when I need it most…



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