..Closet Mishap..

My house is small, with a limited amount of closet storage space.  Or at least that’s how it feels most of the time.  Especially hard to find appropriate places for linens, towels, and cleaning supplies… and it drives me crazy!!!  Finally, after days of consideration, I decided it was time to organize one of my linen closets and TRY to make it more functional.

This is the before picture.  Complete chaos?  I’m embarrassed to even post these before photos and show the world how messy I can be, but at least the after pic makes me feel good.

May I quickly add, it is very difficult to take a quality photo of a small linen closet, and the pictures do not do it justice.  The after photo is better appreciated in person 😉

This is my closet before, stuff thrown in everywhere, no thought taken to where things should go, and difficult to figure out what all is in said closet…


And this is the after photo, once I took everything out, sorted it it through, put loose items together in containers, hung a few items up (it’s hard to see, but I have my dust pan and a dusting cloth hanging on the left hand side), used a handy tension rod, and voila!  My masterpiece!  I think I may try to hang my ironing board as well, but it’s pretty heavy.  I wish I had somewhere else to keep my broom and vacuum, but alas we do not, so here it stays…


I think it’s perfect and I hope, hope, hope will stay looking this way!  Well, if I have anything to say about it, it will!


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